<< Hero of Tierkreis Hervey Hien >>

Star: Chimou

Origin: Unknown

Events: Island Liberation War, Fall of Kooluk

Position: Pirate

Born: IS 282

Death: N/A

Originally a lone pirate, Hervey travelled the seas seeking to become famous. During his travels, he met Walter and offered to take him to the Pirate Steele, at a price. Walter accepted and they soon left Middleport to find him, but were stopped by Sigurd and the Middleport's Royal Navy. After a brief battle, they were forced to retreat to the Nest of Pirates after the pirate Steele attacked. After Steele was killed Hervey, along with Sigurd, joined Kika and served as her Right-hand man.

After the Kingdom of Obel was conquered by the Kooluk, he joined Lazlo's army along with the other pirates. Once the war ended, he helped Kika and Kyril destroy the Evil Eyes. Once this was done he continued serving Kika (including venturing into Kooluk to stamp out the rune cannons there) until she died. What happened to him after this is a complete mystery. - SnowKing