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During the Gate Rune Wars, a Black Rune was given by the Empire's court magician Windy to two generals, Kwanda Rosman and Milich Oppenheimer, by which they could be controlled with her magic. With that power she made them unconscionable, ordering them to execute orders they would probably refuse under normal conditions. Due to the magic protection of his Sovereign Rune, she couldn't use this runes power on Barbarossa.

Kwanda ruthlessly slaughtered elves in the Great Forest using the Burning Mirror. However, his cruelty was caused by the Black Rune forced on him. Milich on the other hand created the monster poison flower Antoinette, which made his Scarleticia Castle inpenetrable. With Liukan's help, the Toran Liberation Army was able to create an antidote for Antoinette's poisonous pollen, but during the process of rescuing Liukan, Milich used his man eating spores to kill Gremio.

After both generals were defeated, they were liberated from the Black Rune.

The Conquerer Rune is often thought of as a True Rune, but some simple logic will tell otherwise. For one thing, even Windy can only wield two true runes at once. The fact the she already had the Gate Rune - Front, and her attempt to get the Soul Eater would make it obvious that the Conquerer Rune is a normal rune (albeit quite rare). Also, sources list this rune to be a "Miscellaneous Rune" (such as the official guide). - Celes