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Dragon Rune





One of the 27 True Runes!

The Dragon Rune allows dragons to exist in this world. Owned by Joshua Levenheit for the past two centuries, the bearer of this rune holds a huge responsibility, for the death of the bearer means all dragons in the world would also die. For this reason, the captain of the dragon knights rarely changes.

The Rune also allows its bearer to control dragons, even if they have been turned into undead dragons. The power of the rune depends on the willpower of its bearer, which means dragons may not obey this runes bearer if s/he is mentally weak.

It is not known why dragons can not survive in this world without the help of the Dragon Rune. However, it is known that dragons in great pain are able to create portals to return to their home world, the "World of Wings and Scales."

It has been confirmed that this rune has been passed onto Milia when she was promoted to Captain.