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The dryad creatures roaming the Greenhill Forest used this runes power to focus their magical strength into as many as possible little spells to spare. This rune is often wielded by the Holly Fairies and even Target Ladies around South Window. Therefore it is called the Dryad Rune.

The rune does practically split a magic point of the second level into two points of the first one. If you really in need of level one magic, try to hunt one in the Greenhill Forest during your first or second visit. Every magic transfer is done at the cost of a turn in battle. Overall this rune fits low use and is generally speaking just one of the fun runes to toy with. - Celes

Suikoden 2 Data
Lv1MP +2 / self.
Lv2MP -1 / self.
Can be used if there is at least 1 Lv2MP available and Lv1MP is not max.
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
  TargetLady - 0.8% (South Window Area)

HollyElf - 2% (Greenhill Forest #1)

HollyFairy - 2% (Greenhill Forest #2)

"Guardian Deity" - TRTU