Timeline Events
Some important events that happened in history in this region: wars, political events, and anything else of note.
Said to be located somewhere on the face of this planet, Viki's homeland has a surreal landscape as if you wandered into a Chagall mosaic. Doors float mid air, and windows on the floor lead to a field of flowers. Endless corridors lead you to nowhere, and tiles of various colors line the walls, ceiling, and floors.

Blue Moon's comment:
Her world makes me nauseous. No wonder why Viki gets lost so easily if she has been living in such a "Lucy in the Skies with Diamonds" world.
No one knows where exactly this village was located, but this village protected the Rune of Life and Death (Souleater). However, the village was destroyed by Windy, Yuber, and Neclord roughly 300 years before the Gate Rune Wars. The rune was protected by the sacrifice of the elder, and since then wandered the land with its host, Ted.

Blue Moon's comment:
More like "the village formerly known as the Village of the Hidden Rune."
This village was created by Sierra Mikain centuries ago, even before the formation of Harmonia. This village was a haven for those who lost all hope in life. In fact, most of the inhabitants of the village were those who wandered into the forest seeking death. However, those lucky few were graced with the compassion of Sierra and the Blue Moon Rune, living all eternity as vampires. The vampires had their bloodlust under control with the help of the Blue Moon Rune. However, Neclord stole the Blue Moon Rune, leading to the destruction of the Village.

Blue Moon's comment:
A good name for a hippy commune. The "Blue Moon Rune" can easily be replaced with any type of depressant.