<< Granmeyer Gremio Grenseal >>

Star: Tenei

Origin: Kirov

Events: Succession War, Gate Rune Wars, Dunan Unification War

Position: Servant

Born: IS 431

Death: N/A

Gremio was a soldier under the command of Teo McDohl during the Succession War. However, he decided to become a servant of Teo McDohl after Teo saved his life in battle. Gremio raised the son of Teo McDohl due to his father being busy and because his mother died after giving birth to him. Thus, Gremio acted as a parent to Tir. Gremio followed Tir into the Gate Rune Wars and protected him wherever he went. He even lost his life protecting him, but was miraculously brought back to life by the powers of the Gate Rune and the 108 Stars of Destiny. After the Gate Rune Wars, Gremio left Toran with Tir, and was briefly involved with the Dunan Unification War. - Blue Moon