<< Pierre Pilika Pohl >>

Star: N/A

Origin: Toto

Events: Dunan Unification Wars

Position: None

Born: IS 455

Death: N/A

A daughter of Marx and Joanna, she saved Jowy from drowning after Jowy and Riou leapt into the river off of Tenzan Pass. When Luca Blight attacked Toto, she was one of the few survivors, making her an orphan. When Luca attacked the fortress of Viktor's mercenaries, Pilika was almost killed by Luca Blight. She was saved, but the shock from that incident made her mute. Since then she was taken care of by Jowy, Nanami and Riou until the fall of Muse. She was then taken care of by the newly formed Allied Dunan Unification Army and stayed there until the peace conference that followed the death of Luca Blight. There she was used as a deterant by Shu to protect Riou and Teresa Wisemail from being killed. Since then, Pilika was taken care of by Jowy and Jillia Blight. After the war, Jowy asked Jillia to take care of Pilika at a manor in Harmonia prepared by him. - Blue Moon