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Ocean Rune Piece
Ogre Rune
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The Ocean Rune Pieces are used to enhance the Mobility, Armoring or Shooting Distance on ships within the Island Nations. Once Lazlo has begun to command his own fleet, take these rune pieces to Tov and he'll improve your main ship or one of the supporting vehicles. Once embedded on a ship you can always switch the rune pieces between the categories you like to improve, however the pieces are bound to the ship forever.

Actually there is no know Ocean Rune these pieces may belong to, yet they come in handy for your naval battles. They are found in several treasures and can be fished out of the sea in many locations. - Celes

Suikoden 4 Data
Customizing ---
Customizes a ship.

Mobility +1 permanent.
Armoring +1 permanent.
(5 pieces needed) Shooting Distance +1 permanent.
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
  Moving Isle - 100%Iluya Island: Treasure (x2)

Nest of Pirates: Treasure

Secret Underground Path: Treasure

"Net Fishing" - Razril area

"Net Fishing" - MIddleport area

"Net Fishing" - Pirate's Nest area

"Net Fishing" - Obel area

"Net Fishing" - Nay area

"Net Fishing" - Na-Nal area

"Net Fishing" - Iluya Island area

"Net Fishing" - Limestone Shelf Island area

"Net Fishing" - Mountain Mass Island area

"Net Fishing" - Northern Ocean