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A very special rune which needs to become accustomed to somebody before it reaches its full potential. It will grow in benevolence towards the wielder depending on the time he takes part in active combat without dying. An oddly notion that is, whether the rune actually gets used to its bearer or grows quietly on his weapon, watching his improvements.

Only one copy of the Kindness Rune can be obtained, well hidden inside a basket near the shores of Lakewest. With the exception that you may aquire a second crystal from the Guardian Deity, if that is your wish.

Notice that you'll increase the added attack stat from this rune also by feeding stat stones of any kind to the wielder. For every stone his attack will climb up by one point. As you can technically collect unlimited stones from the rope climbing game, you can build a real muscle man that way. - Celes

Suikoden 2 Data
Weapon effect:
ATK +1 for each Stat Stone (any kind) given to the wielder.
ATK +1 for every hour in the active party.
ATK -1 for every battle ended unconscious.
Maximum Kindness value is 127.

Kindness Rune Trick/bug/glitch:
A negative Kindness value causes the Kindness Rune to set the user's ATK value to 999!
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
   Lakewest: Basket

"Guardian Deity" - TTRU