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The Rabid Fang Rune is owned by Bob and he doesn't seem to be able to get rid of it. It keeps him in human form, but when the power of his rune weakens, he turns back into werewolf for a short time. As a beast his stats are increased by a great deal but this psychotic episode has it's downside. After the transformation Bob ends up with only half of his health.

The effect takes up one turn to activate and last for three more. At the end of the last turn he automatically transform back into his human form and awaits healing. If you end the battle before that happens, no hit points will be substracted. And with his added power you will most certainly be victorious in any random encounter shortly. - Celes

Suikoden 2 Data
STR x2 / self.
DEF x2 / self.
MDEF x1.5 / self.
SPD x1.5 / self.
Regen +50 / self.
Cannot use Item, Defend or Rune.

Lasts 3 turns, then current HP -50%.

One time only.
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
Bob - H (fixed)