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True Fire Rune





Rage Rune

One of the 27 True Runes!

A True Rune representing the power of fire. The Fire Rune and Rage Rune are born from this True Rune. It is currently owned by the new flame champion, but it used to be owned by Harmonia. Hidden in the depths of the One Temple, this rune was stolen by the "Fire Bringer." Since then, the "Flame Champion" fought against Harmonian troops and even defeated them in numerous battles. However, the Flame Champion disappeared after wishing to be free from the True Rune's destiny, removing it from his body using an ancient [Sindar] secret. The rune grants powerful flame-based spells that hurt friend and foe alike if within the area of effect.

Suikoden 3 Data
Attack magic useable. Mainly vs. groups. Can DMG allies nearby.
Blazing Wall (1 enemy + area)
400 DMG / 1 enemy + enemies/allies in area.
Explosion (1 enemy + area)
700 DMG / 1 enemy + enemies/allies in area.
Final Flame (1 enemy)
1200 DMG / 1 enemy.
Hellfire (1 enemy + area)
1500 DMG / 1 enemy + enemies/allies in area.
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
Chris Lightfellow - RH (fixed, post story event)

Hugo (S3) - RH (fixed, post story event)

Geddoe - RH (fixed, post story event)