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Star: Chisou

Origin: Unknown

Events: Events of Tierkreis


Born: N/A

Death: N/A

An inventor, Balsam is the creator of the lift in the Grayridge mine. The miners did not know how exactly the device, but since it was so convenient, they decided to use it anyway. While checking on his device, he came across the Hero, who asked to have a lift built in his own castle. The castle itself already had space for a lift, presumably powered by water or cattle, although Balsam considered those methods archaic. He powers his devices through small devices called units, which take a long time to build. He planned on deactivating Yod, his android companion, as the Hero was impatient to get the lift made, but the Hero spared Yod by bringing Yod an old pump which was given to the Porpros-kin in Nainenesis, which contained it's own unit. While building it, Balsam came into contact with the Chronicles there, and became a Starbearer.

Balsam also took an interest in the technology located in the Rarohenga, and traveled with Yod there, to discover Zayin, a cybernetic creature, there. Here, Balsam reveals that, although he was born in a small village near Grayridge, he never knew the origins of his master, who taught him about such advanced technology and creation. After the war, Balsam purchases the old technology dug up by Nofret in Rarohenga, and creates many new technologies, al the while hoping to understand more about his master. - Matt620