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Suikoden IV Updates

The world that will be depicted in Genso Suikoden IV is approximately 150 years prior to Suikoden I and takes place in the most ancient time period in the series. Although series are often thought as having this feeling of awkwardness unless it’s from the beginning, this is an exact instance where the origin of the series will be told. This is a chance for all that don’t know the Genso Suikoden series to get to know its charm. The thing to look out for in this game preview is the events that will take place in the beginning and the existence of the new comrades.

by Genso & Howling Guild

This is the WORLD MAP this time around!!

There are independently nations and cities in the islands scattered far south of Toran. All of these areas combined are referred to as the Island Nations. The nation of Gaien is one of these and the Maritime Knights that the main character belongs to are based in a city called Razril.

As you can tell by looking at the World Map, the unique stage where the field area is mostly ocean awaits you. What kind of experiences would a knight who takes an active role gain? Let’s vicariously see through the eyes of the main character that is a part of the Maritime Knights and close in on the internal affairs.

The Surrounding Areas of Razril
Journeying to the Islands that Interacts With One Another

The city of Razril where the main character lives seems to be in good relations with the surrounding cities. The evidence that supports that is the scene that was released early where you visit another Island Nation. It seems like it is when the main character is on a mission to deliver something representing the Knights. The never ending ocean and the one-of-a-kind scenery of a port city almost makes it possible to sense the sea breeze.

New Characters: The Knights in Training
The Four New Character are In the Same Class as the Main Character

The comrades newly shown entered the Knights around the same year and are Knights-in-Training. There is an age differences, but they must compete and help with one another. Maybe your first party will consist of these four? We hope to see a deep friendship emerging as they complete missions together.

A young man who is 21 year old and receives strict training as a potential knight. He has a naturally muscular body, but there are instances where he shows that he has not fully matured mentally. His hobby is fishing.

A young female elf set out to be a knight. She gives the impression of being unapproachable to the surrounding people because of her looks and her lack of talking. She’s actually a fruit loving 17 year old.

She belongs to the Knights as one of the Knights-in-Training even with her being only 16 years old. She has a fangirlish personality and seems to be interested in Snowe who is like a brother to the main character.

A Knight-in –Training that looks like a light weight warrior. Originally he was an orphan just like the main character. He rarely loses his coolness, and has the maturity that is unusual for a 18 year old.

Welcoming the Day of Graduation…
The Peacefulness Found in the Customary “The Birth of the Knights Festival” Event

A lighting ceremony that originated when the legendary knight was welcomed to Razril. The main character and the others welcome their graduation by holding up the torch to conduct the ceremony. In this event Glen states the line, “I have lost many subordinates,” that may have a deep meaning. What happened before the graduation!?

Knights 1 | Knights 2 | Knights 3

Miscellaneous Scenes
Scene 1
Scene 2
Scene 3
Scene 4

Konami Japan Video Trailer
Source: Dengeki PS #269 | Dorimaga #7 | Famitsu PS2 #162

Posted by HowlingGuild in Suikoden IV Previews on March 31, 2004