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The locations and prices of the various items not classified as antiques or armor.
This is a list of items that don't fit into any other categories. Most of them have special uses, such as the Old Books for the library so you can read them or giving ingredients to Retso so you can make more food.

Potch: Lists the value of the item which equates to the purchase price. Some items can't be bought.
Shop: The item can be bought from the specified shop.
Loot: Means that the item is a random drop from the enemy.

Bath Items

Devil BeadsTurns water redTreasure: Underground Ruins
Creeper BeadsTurns water greenLoot: Creeper, Purple Creeper
Pale Moon BeadsTurns water blueTreasure: Waterfall Basin
Ol' Tree BeadsTurns water ?Loot: Papa Holly
Milk Bath BeadsTurns water whiteLoot: Creeper, Purple Creeper
Toy Duckling2500Adds yellow duckiesShop: Lelcar Item Shop
Toy BeaverAdds 4 toy beaversGift: Beaver Girl at Beaver Lodge
CitrusAdds citrusesLoot: Hairball
Toy BoatAdds mini DahakTreasure: Nirva Island

Curative Items

Dragon IncenseFully heals partyTreasure: Underground Ruins, Ashtwal Mountains
Win: Fishing (first time)
ImmortalMedicineFully heals one memberTreasure: Underground Temple, Godwin Castle
Boss: Enmesharra, Girtablulu, Gudalim

Fish (give to Shun Min)

Baby Eel500Shop: Beaver Lodge Item Shop
Baby Carp2000Shop: Haud Item Shop
Baby Salmon2500Shop: Lelcar Item Shop
Baby Puffer Fish3000Shop: Nirva Island Item Shop
Baby Sturgeon10000Shop: Sauronix Castle Item Shop

Hammers (give to Dongo)

Iron HammerSharpen WPN to Lv.9Treasure: Lordlake
Silver HammerSharpen WPN to Lv.12Treasure: Sable
Golden HammerSharpen WPN to Lv.15Treasure: Deep Twilight Forest Ruins
Platinum HammerSharpen WPN to Lv.16Treasure: Godwin Castle

Ingredients (give to Retso)

Squid300Shop: Estrise Item Shop
Octopus400Shop: Estrise Item Shop
Loot: Banshee
Tuna500Shop: Nirva Island Item Shop
Turbine ShellsLoot: Hermilio Crab, Hermisio Crab, Siren
AbaloneLoot: Hermilio Crab, Hermisio Crab, Siren
CrabLoot: Blue Scissors, King Mantik, Mantrika
TrufflesLoot: Ghost Holly, Papa Holly, Wizard Tree
MatsutakeLoot: Ghost Holly, Papa Holly
Marbled BeefLoot: Peckles, Razorback, Salamander, Wild Boar, Wyvern
Premium ChickenLoot: Blight, Horohoro, Zadom King
Quality SakeLoot: Big Creeper
Strange FishWin: Fishing, random catch
Note: used to recruit Retso

Old Books (give to Alhazred)

Old Book Vol.1The Story of CreationTreasure: Raftfleet
Old Book Vol.2The Sun Rune and the Night RuneTreasure: Ceras Lake Ruins
Old Book Vol.3Nether GateTreasure: Godwin Castle
Old Book Vol.4The Ancient Armes DynastyTreasure: Underground Temple
Old Book Vol.5Royal Family Succession ConflictTreasure: Lunas
Old Book Vol.6The Legendary Sindar RaceTreasure: Deep Twilight Forest
Old Book Vol.7The Art of One-on-One DuelsTreasure: Stormfist
Old Book Vol.8War: All About Military UnitsTreasure: Sable
Old Book Vol.9War: A Complete Tactical GuideAlhazred starts with this
Old Book Vol.10Unite MagicAlhazred unlocks this after certain events
Old Book Vol.11Trading Trade SecretsAlhazred unlocks this after certain events
Old Book Vol.12The Feitas Dragon CavalryTreasure: Sauronix Castle
Old Book Vol.13Regulations of the Dragon CavalryTreasure: Gordius
Strange BookThe Tome Of ErkanosGift: Given by the Seer in Yashuna's Inn
Note: used to recruit Alhazred

Sound Sets (give to Rania)

Sound Set 1DefaultRania starts with this
Sound Set 2Treasure: Dragon Horse Lair
Sound Set 3Treasure: the Revolving Bridge
Sound Set 4Treasure: Baska Mine
Sound Set 5Treasure: Sauronix Castle town

Stat Stones

Stone of EvasionRaises EvasionTreasure: Sauronix Castle town
Win: Lelcar Defense Campaign (Ram)
Stone of LuckRaises LUKTreasure: Waterfall Basin
Boss: Dagon, Hydra
Win: Doraat Siege Campaign (Ram), Stormfist Siege Campaign (ArcShp)
Stone of MagicRaises MAGTreasure: Underground Temple
Win: Sol-Falena Siege Campaign 1 (Rune ArcShp & Ram)
Stone of SkillRaises SKLTreasure: Port Spinacks
Win: Lordlake Defense Campaign (Archer)
Stone of SpeedRaises SPDTreasure: Nirva Island
Win: New Queen's Campaign (Cavlry)
Stone of StrengthRaises STRTreasure: Estrise
Win: Doraat Siege Campaign (Ram), Stormfist Siege Campaign (ArcShp)

Vegetables (give to Goesch)

Tomato Seedling500Shop: Rainwall Item Shop
Melon Seedling500Shop: Haud Item Shop
Grape Seedling500Shop: Lelcar Item Shop
Onion Seedling500Shop: Yashuna Item Shop
Cabbage Seedling1000Shop: Sable Item Shop
Potato Seedling1000Shop: Dwarf Camp Item Shop
Carrot Seedling1000Shop: Beaver Lodge Item Shop
RedPepper Seedling2000Shop: Sable Item Shop

Voice Sets (give to Chisato)

Voice Set 1DefaultChisato starts with this
Voice Set 2Treasure: Hershville Naval Base
Voice Set 3Treasure: Nirva Island
Voice Set 4Treasure: Waterfall Basin
Voice Set 5Treasure: Underground Temple

Window Sets (give to Zunda)

Window Set 1DefaultZunda starts with this
Window Set 2Treasure: Ceras Lake Ruins
Window Set 3Treasure: Haud Village
Window Set 4Treasure: Ranro Mountain
Window Set 5Treasure: Deep Twilight Forest
Window Set 6Treasure: Doraat Fortress
Window Set 7Treasure: Nirva Island
Window Set 8Treasure: Ship Graveyard