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Your party can be restored at inns without paying potch, and without actually staying.
Inn Bug
Bug Details
System(s) Playstation,
Bug TypeGameplay
Region Introduced
Patch Version2.01.065b

Regions Affected
Suikoden II has atypical Inns. They try to charge a fee that increases as the game advances, for the privilege of letting the player restore his party's health, just like every other game. However, by cancelling out of the "Save Game" menu after choosing to stay, the party's health, magic, and status are restored without any money being deducted.

The underlying cause of this bug is the programmers being overzealous. The inns in the game run on their own executable code—that is, they are not driven by scripts—and it calls the RestoreParty function three separate times. Inexplicably, one of the times is right after you choose "Stay".

RAM:8010E6FC                 ori     $v0, 0xF704
RAM:8010E700                 li      $a0, 0x502
RAM:8010E704                 jalr    $v0
RAM:8010E708                 sw      $v0, -0x67C0($s1)
RAM:8010E70C                 li      $s0, 0x8008B9D0
RAM:8010E714                 lw      $a0, 0x1A4($s2)
RAM:8010E718                 li      $a1, 8
RAM:8010E71C                 jalr    $s0
RAM:8010E720                 sw      $s0, -0x67C0($s1)
RAM:8010E724                 li      $v0, 0x80074BAC          # RestoreParty
RAM:8010E72C                 jalr    $v0                      # Call RestoreParty
RAM:8010E730                 sw      $v0, -0x67C0($s1)
RAM:8010E734                 lbu     $v0, 3($s2)
RAM:8010E738                 nop
RAM:8010E73C                 andi    $v0, 2

The bug is fixed by simply removing the call to the routine. There are two files for Inns, both in the /CDROM/130_SHOP/ directory, YADOYA1.BIN and YADOYA2.BIN. They contain identical code, aside from the offset they load at, and both must be modified to fix the issue.

Note:The current bug-fix was a bit zealous in the opposite direction. Apparently, Konami added the call where they did, mistakenly believing it was the best way to ensure the party was healed prior to saving. With the fix installed, and the call removed, your party's hit points will be unchanged in saves you make while staying at inns. You will still be healed if you continue playing, but the game will write the file before any healing occurs. If you quit and reload that save, you will find your stats at their old values. A future of version of the patch will address this.