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Flower enemies such as Monwer and Eye Flower apparently have no attacks or battle AI.
Flower Enemies Issue
Bug Details
System(s) Playstation,
Bug TypeGameplay
Region Introduced
Patch VersionNone

Regions Affected
In Suikoden II there are two "flower" type enemies, called "Monwer" and "Eye Flower" that never make any move to attack. They have a fairly typical amount of hit points for their respective phases in the game, and they appear in threes at most, so it is possible to fight several parties of them without ever noticing that they do nothing. The only animations usually seen are their posturing while not under attack, the flinching they do when attacked, and their death animation.

The Monwer's data contains no pointers to any attack AI or rendering routines. They just dance, flinch, and die. There may be a frame for defending in their sheet, but it is difficult to tell. Most of the sprite sheet is dedicated to the jittery movements of the stem, and no attack is immediately apparent. The images below are all of the Monwer's sprites, ripped directly out of the game file WE.BIN.

The bloom's different postures.

The stem when idle.

Movement frames.

Starting at the upper left, the frames on the bloom's sheet are:

  1. The default posture.
  2. Being struck.
  3. Unknown. It may be defense, or it may appear briefly when the Monwer is struck. It may have been meant as an attack frame, if the Flower spits something like some other plant enemies. However, there is no evidence of a seed, thorn, or any other projectile on the sheet.
  4. Death.
  5. Either another "struck" posture or unknown.

Eye Flower
The Eye Flower uses an identical sprite sheet, but a different palette.

This issue cannot truly be called a bug. It causes no glitches in the game, and there is no evidence that the omission of attack patterns was not intentional. At some point, it may become possible to add AI and attack animations to these enemies, but for now no fix is planned.