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This is a collection of user-submitted editorials, on topics related to the Suikoden world. If you wish to send an article to appear here then please check the Submissions Page for further details.
Editorials: Submissions maintained by darkannex
Submitting an editorial article.

All submissions should be sent to [email protected]. Submissions sent other than to this address will be ignored.

This is not the place for Suikoden II strategies against the Pest Rat or articles about your Hero's stats. The former should be submitted as a strategy guide, and the latter is merely bragging rights in the forum. This section is for articles and opinions rather than complete guides. Such guides can be submitted to [email protected] for inclusion on the site.

Articles should be long enough to cover the subject in detail, but not so long that you're just repeating yourself. You can look at about 800-1200 words as a guideline. Donít needlessly pad the article either, the quality of the article is far more important than the length.

Articles may be on virtually any topic relating to Suikoden, and will be evaluated and posted at a time of our choosing.

Work should be of quality. You must use proper grammar and sentence structure, spell and punctuate correctly, and construct coherent paragraphs. They should come in 98% finalized and proofread. We will at times suggest changes and edits, and will also make minor formatting, spelling, or other changes when required. Note the word minor. Now repeat that word. Minor. If your article is of the most impeccable research and opinion, yet the sentence structure is incoherentÖthe article WILL be rejected. Donít make us call the grammar police on you.

We're not expecting or requesting objectivity for all submissions. Your opinion on something can make it more interesting to read, but this is not a place to rant and rave and flame. You are encouraged to express your ideas and thoughts, but there must be something to an article besides "Suikoden IV sucks!". You should include some context and examples, and be prepared to defend your opinions.

Please include details as to the name you wish attatched to the editorial entry: you may use your forum username, your real name or any other alias you wish. If you wish for an email address to be associated with your entry then clearly state which address you wish to place on the site.

By submitting your column or article to, you are granting us Internet publishing rights, and permanent archiving rights. You retain full ownership of your submissions, and may sell them to other forms of media such as books, magazines, or newspapers. You may also post your material on another website, but are NOT to link directly to our server for your article when submitted to another site. will never publish any of your works, or transfer your content to another website without permission. (The one exception being if this website was to move or merge.)

Articles must be your original work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. We have a one strike and you are out rule. If we find out (and believe me, we WILL find out), you're done.

If we don't think we can use the article, we'll give you a short reply. You may submit more than one article if the first is rejected.

ALL DECISIONS ARE FINAL. If we do not choose to use your work, do NOT strike up an argument or plead your case. We will not change our minds, and such behavior will affect any decisions on further submissions. If we reject your article, then we do not feel it is appropriate (for whatever reason) for this site.