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Suikoden IV Update #3

Another Interview with Kawano and more images
translated by genso

Magazine: In any case, we would like to find out clearly the existence of Ted on the left page. Is it true that Ted, who is very popular, will make a comeback after 9 years of absence?

Kawano: Yes. For now, it is true that Ted will make an appearance. But things like “where” and “under what circumstance” you will meet him cannot be revealed still. It’s now a cliché, but “please be patient until the release”.

Magazine: Many fans cried over Ted’s story that ended with his violent death. They should be elated even with just one episode with in the 300 years of unknowns in his life were to be told. But uncertainties remain. The Ted in that screen shot looks kind of like an illusion and what if the stuff near him was actually a ghost ship…?

Kawano: Please be patient for the release for stuff like that as well. (Laughter) I do think that since he does make an appearance in Suikoden I, it is not likely that he is a “ghost” during this time…

Magazine: Is where Ted standing on, a small hill? If he were to make an appearance in front of the Hero, under what situation would that be? People who cannot help but be curious, play Suikoden I to refresh Ted’s path.

Magazine: Ms. Kawano also commented about the battle system that has been revealed little by little.

Kawano: The battle will be turn based like the rest of the series. For IV, the front line and back line that were in the previous games has been eliminated and we are creating one prioritizing speediness and pleasantness. There is no need to think about somewhat complicated things like how a brawler shouldn’t be placed in the back or how an archer should not be placed in the front. Each will attack accordingly from the best location for their weapons. So there won’t be characters that are underdeveloped due to strategic planning of party creation and you can bring characters of your choice to battle. Also if one chooses the “auto” option, the characters attack automatically and those who are not good with battles can enjoy the story feeling relaxed. For those that want to think of combination for battles, they can find enjoyment with finding out the rune combination attacks and the combo attacks. Along with the 4 member party system, I believe that the battles have been created to be well paced and full of variety.

Magazine: Among works that have a system that is too complicated and prevents one from enjoying the story without haste, Suikoden IV may have selected the right choice by aiming for a well paced enjoyment with its trait of having many appearances of characters. Currently there are no screen shots of the battle scenes that show the HP or other parameters, so how the battles in IV will truly be is still unknown. But it will unmistakably be one that will succeed the previous good qualities while having new additions.

Kawano: Of course, we will like to uphold to that. There will be a new element that makes the appearance of the weapon change as it levels up. With the effect getting flashier as the attacks get stronger, we are aiming for battles in which one will look forward to encountering enemies rather than be annoyed by it.

Magazine: Just like in the previous games, the weapons in IV will be pre-equipped by each character and it levels up and changes name when you pay to get it tempered by a blacksmith. Since there are additions of the graphical change and being able to add an effect of a rune to the weapons, one may get fond of the weapons even more. In an RPG like Suikoden that allows you to see your own character attacking, weapons are what signify the characters as individuals. It may be said that it is very “Suikoden-like” to have much advancement in the areas of weapons.

Magazine: With new info being released one by one, there must be many players that can’t wait for the release date. Especially since the cover of this Dengeki PS issue, that was an exclusive special illustration, shows Troy (who made his first appearance last issues) with the same emphasis of importance as Snowe and the Hero. What kind of messages are hidden in this illustration?

Kawano: Please don’t focus on discussing about the illustration too much. It is better to just take a look at it and let people imagine various thought. Especially since the only fact that is known is that Troy is a serious warrior who believes in justice. He may have a connection to the Gaien Maritime Knights that the Hero belongs to or he may be an enemy. Although, it is certain that he will be a crucial key in IV.

Magazine: In the official homepage that had a renewal on April 10th, it has been revealed that a pirate called “Brand” (who possess the Rune of Punishment) stands before both Snowe and the Hero (who belongs to the Gaien Maritime Knights). Also in a past screenshot, a scene where Glen defeats Brand has been introduced. I wonder how it continues…

Kawano: …please be patient until the release date. (Laughter)

Magazine: So, this was Ms. Kawano who had her guard up, as expected of her

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Posted by HowlingGuild in Suikoden IV Previews on April 24, 2004