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This is a preview section for Suikoden 4. As new information is released, we'll put it here. This section will be active until the game is actually in production, at which point we'll revert to the format used for the first three Suikodens.
An introduction to the main three production staff of Suikoden IV

Noritada Matsukawa
Executive Producer of Suikoden IV

He was responsible for the sounds in games like "Tokimeki Memorial" for Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo. In succession with Suikoden III, he is the head supervisor.

Junko Kawano
Producer and Character Designer

She was a member of the original staff of Genso Suikoden. Her works include "Twinbee RPG" and "Shadow of Memories". She makes a comeback after a long time away for Suikoden IV.

Masayuki Saruta

His works include "Contra Spirits", "Speed King", "Twinbee RPG", "Shadow of Memories", and others. This is the first time he will be a part of the Genso series.