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A compilation of all of Fu Tan Chen's introductory quotes for the Cookoff's judges.
Cookoff Introductory Quotes
The announcer for the cookoff mini-games, Fu Tan Chen, has different introductions for every judge. Here are all of them.

This list was created by Lane, from the Suikosource forums.

"When this self-proclaimed genius moved out of South Window, his neighbors finally got a full night of sleep. It's Adlai!!!!"

"As leader of the musicians, he needs to see all sides. Does that go for food too? It's Alberto!"

"He used to hunt for treasure, but now he needs strength for his job at the store. It's Alex!!!!"

"A lifetime on the sea, of course this sailor's favorite dish must It's Amada!!!"

"Her lovely voice attracts people from all over, like a Siren from the sea. It's Annallee!!!!!"

"They say Lady Anita's sword frightens off even evil demons. What type of food do you suppose Lady Anita enjoys?"

"According to Apple she likes something called "French" food."

"She was born in the woods, raised in the woods. Do you suppose she likes to eat vegetables as well? It's Ayda!!!"

"This beastmaster has a close rapport with all animals. As you might expect, he's a strict vegetarian. It's Badeaux!!!!"

"Vault-keeper of Hero Castle, she likes most kinds of food. It's Barbara!!!!"

"He reportedly likes his steak so raw that they bleed. Your favorite wolfman, Bob!!!!"

"Whatever he eats, he says "Yummy!". It's Bolgan!!!"

"In between slicing up bad guys, this brave knight likes to eat Western food. It's Camus!!!"

"Born and raised in Two River, our young friend, Chaco, is probably a fish-lover."

"We can expect some harsh and accurate criticism from him. It's Clive!!!"

"What will the delicate tongue of this sensitive musician tell us? It's Connell!!!"

"Just like her personality, she likes delicate flavors. It's Eilie!!!"

"She loves sweet food, but worries about her figure. That lovely librarian, Emilia!!!!"

"My sources say that Fitcher has a major weakness for sweets!!!"

"Sir Flik is a man with good common sense. We can expect fair judging from him."

"He'll be a great dad someday. But maybe he's too quick to say that everything is delicious. It's Freed!!!"

"Our guest from the Dragon Caves. It's Futch! We hope he's hungry!"

"How are Kobold tastebuds? Straight from Kobold Village, home of delicious food, it's Gabocha!!!"

"What do you get when you cross a barrel and a windup doll? Can this thing really judge food? It's Gadget!!!"

"You'd never believe it, but this bad boy's favorite dish is ohitashi!!! It's Gantetsu!!!"

"Do all Kobolds have as bad a sense of taste as him? It's Gengen!!!"

"They say his sword is so swift that the naked eye can't see it. He's come a long way to be here with us. it's Lord Genshu!!!"

"You'd never know it, but this tough guy has got a sweet tooth. It's Georg Prime!!!"

"This mountain man is used to hunting for his food! The oldest of the 3 Mt. Lampdragon bandits. It's Gijimu!!!"

"He left his family behind to make a living as a mercenary. He misses his wife's fish cooking. It's Gilbert!!!"

"This trader from Gregminster likes hot, spicy food. His name is Gordon!!!"

"This well-worn traveller has learned to like all kinds of food. Our favorite swordswoman, Hanna!!"

"Hans is our mild-mannered armorer. How are you feeling today, Hans?"
Hans' response: "Pretty good..... How about a salmon meauiere?

"Lord Hauser is the core of the Muse Army. But who knew he was such a fan of Chinese food?"

"She's a mother and a homemaker. She likes her food plain and simple. It's Hilda!!!"

"This warrior from Warriors' Village has good common sense about food. It's Hix!!!"

"The life of the thief isn't easy, so his policy concerning food is if it's in your mouth, it's good! It's Hoi!"

"Doctor Huan believes that Chinese medicine and Chinese food are good for the body and soul!!!"

"I've heard a rumor that Humphrey likes to eat Westen food. It could be true."

"A horrible end supposedly awaits any man who dares to learn the secret beneath her lovely lips. The lovely runemaster, Jeane!!!"

"Jess is a true son of Muse City. He loves to eat fish."

"After months working on the Guardian Deity, I wonder what he wants to eat. It's Jude!!!!"

"Sir Kahn is a vampire hunter. He may look mysterious, but his tastes are quite ordinary."

"What is the secret behind her magnificent dancing? It's the lovely and desirable Karen!!!"

"This cute little ninja has a taste for Japanese food. It's Kasumi!!!!"

"He's a mysterious hunter looking for the secrets of the Sindar. Are his tastes a mystery as well? It's Killey!!!"

"The General of Hero Army!!!! They say that after a battle, he likes to fill his belly with delicious meat. It's Kiba!!!"

"In the woods where he grew up, he used to love to eat fish straight from the river. It's Kinnison!!!"

"This peaceful tactician must have got his looks and personality from his mom. It's Klaus!!!!"

"The youngest of the 3 Mt. Lampdragon bandits, is he a meat-lover too? It's Koyu!!!"

"As an appraiser, we can be sure of a sound judgment on his part. It's Lebrante!!!!"

"She likes her food, and her conversations, spicy!!! It's Leona!!!"

"In the Dragon-style of fighting he teaches the first step in body preparedness is a full stomach. He loves Chinese food, it's Long Chan-Chan!!!"

"Oh lovely lady wanderer, what is that awaits you when you reach your destination? It's Lorelai!!!"

"She's a wild woman who can hold her own against her 2 brothers. Her favorite food is Chinese. It's Lo Wen!!!"

"He's a powerful sorceror with a good face, but a bad personality! It's Leknaat's pupil, Luc!!!!"
Luc's response: "........................"

"To call this guy a bookworm would be a disservice to worms! But seriously, he's a fish lover and a scholar. It's Marlowe!!!"

"All the way from Toran, he's a knight's knight and he's doing all right. It's Maximillian!!!!"

"The cave-dwelling necromancer, Mazus!!!! Unfortunately he's pretty old and his taste buds aren't what they used to be!!"

"Meg is learning the art of gadgetry. For lunch, she ate anchovy pizza and spicy curry...."

"To get to be this strong of a knight, do you suppose he ate lots of raw steak? It's Miklotov!"

"Could it be that she got to be as sweet as she is by eating nothing but sweets? It's Millie!!!"

"From the village of Rokkaku, he's a master ninja who's starting to feel his age. It's Mondo!!!! But what does he like to eat?"

"Your favorite flying squirrel and mine, it's Mukumuku!!!!! I wonder what he likes to eat?"

"There must have been some rough meals for Hero growing up. Let's hear it for Nanami!!!"
Nanami's response: "Huh? What!!!! What do you mean!!!!"

"She's head over heels with a certain man named Flik. What about her studies at Greenhill? It's Nina!!!"
Nina's response: "Why you.... That's none of your business!!!"

"You can count on this lady in a pinch! It's the female bodyguard, Oulan!!! How will she vote today?"

"Pico is the heartbreaker of Hero Castle and he knows it! Watch those pheremones fly!!!"

"His true appearance is as shrouded in mystery as his tastebuds. It's Pesmerga!!!"

"Rumors are flying about this beautiful and mysterious card maker's relationship with Jeane. It's Raura!!!!!"

"Richmond was raised in Radat City, so it might be that he prefers fish to meat."

"Commander Ridley of the Kobold Army!!! They say he's a tough judge of people and food!!!!"

"Put some food in his belly and he'll be happy, I guarantee it. It's Rikimaru!!!"

"I wonder what kind of cuisine this lovely travelling performer likes. It's Rina!!!"

"The boy ninja from the village of Rokkaku. He won't admit it, but his weak spot is chocolate!!!"

"This pampered poodle from the Toran Republic is hard to please! It's Sheena!!!"

"This wandering vagabond loves to eat Japanese food. It's Shilo."

"A warrior with an exotic air, but his taste in food was influenced by Lady Teresa!!! It's Shin!"

"Here's a real carnivore. This boy just loves meat. It's Shiro!"

"The bright young strategist of Hero Army is a man who appreciates good Chinese food! It's Lord Shu!!!"

"The strangest characters at Castle! Strikes fear into the heart of kids. The Winger, Sid!!!"
Sid's response: "Hee hee hee hee hee"

"A cute young girl on the outside, and an ancient old crone on the inside!!! This vampire likes to eat her veggies. It's Sierra!!!"
Sierra's response: "You, you shall pay dearly for that....."

"He says that to stay in shape as well as to keep his sense of justice, he eats only vegetables. It's Simone Verdricci!!!"

"This strange elf spends most of his time running in circles!! It's no wonder he'll eat pretty much whatever you put in front of him. It's Stallion!!!!"

"Here's a man of simple pleasures. For breakfast, it's got to be miso soup and rice. Nothing else will do. It's Tai Ho!!!"

"She's 72, but doesn't look a day over 71. All the way from Lakewest, it's Taki!!!"

"The wandering map-maker, Templeton!!!! We can expect a fair score from him!!!"

"She makes her poor henpecked mate go fishing everyday for her. It's Tengaar!!!"

"He's a kindly old windowmaker who hates sweet things. He loves spicy rice crackers. It's Tenkou!!!"

"The acting mayor of Greenhill. Raised in a rich household, she probably prefers Western food."

"When you work in a hot place, you develop a fondness for hot food, too. It's Tessai!!!!"

"This hot-headed guy is an expert at making Japanese baths. He likes the food, too. It's Tetsu!!!"

"With her dad's face, it's hard to believe Tomo wound up so cute. Guess her mom must be a beauty!"

"This King of the Cornfields is happiest when he's munching on fresh vegetables from his garden. It's Tony the farmer!!!!!"

"This spicy food lover likes to make his own kimchee at home. It's Tsai 'of the Divine Spear' !!"

"Just like his mentor, Dr. Huan, Tuta likes his patients warm and his Chinese food hot!!!"

"Is her tongue as confused as her brain? It's Vikki!!!"

"With an appetite like a bear, he'll eat anything and love it. It's Viktor!!!"

"His refined palate is accustomed to the finest of court food. It's Sir Vincent De Boule!!!!"

"Don't call her a tomboy unless you wanna lose some teeth!! She loves to eat, especially green salads!!! It's Wakaba!!!"

"He lives in Hero Castle with his big brother. Japanese food is his love. It's Yam Koo!!!"

"The wife that many say is too good for Freed, she's Japanese to the core. It's Yoshino!!!!"

"She's a hard-working rancher who needs her strength. Good luck, little Yuzu!!!!!"

"He claims to be a vegetarian, but I heard he's just dieting. The powerful and conceited magician, Zamza!!!"