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Here you find the number of bonuses for loading data from the original Suikoden into Suikoden II.
Starting Levels

Each character gets a bonus based on their level from Suikoden 1, but only if their level is 60 or higher.

The calculation is:
Bonus = (Suikoden_1_Lv - 50) / 10 * Suikoden_2_Default_Lv / 10

This is all integer division, so discard any fractional amounts. No rounding up ever occurs.

Each character that reached level 99 in Suikoden 1 will also receive a flat bonus of 5 additional levels.

Name Starting
Bonuses Starting Levels
60-6970-7980-8990-9899 60-6970-7980-8990-9899
Clive 16 +1+3+4+6+11 1719202227
Flik 20 +2+4+6+8+13 2224262833
Futch 34 +3+6+10+13+18 3740444752
Hix 27 +2+5+8+10+15 2932353742
Humphrey 34 +3+6+10+13+18 3740444752
Kasumi 38 +3+7+11+15+20 4145495358
Lorelai 38 +3+7+11+15+20 4145495358
Luc 27 +2+5+8+10+15 2932353742
McDohl 38 +3+7+11+15+20 4145495358
Meg 31 +3+6+9+12+17 3437404348
Pesmerga (*1) 50 +5+10+15+20+25 5560657075
Sheena 38 +3+7+11+15+20 4145495358
Stallion 31 +3+6+9+12+17 3437404348
Tengaar 27 +2+5+8+10+15 2932353742
Valeria 38 +3+7+11+15+20 4145495358
Viktor 20 +2+4+6+8+13 2224262833

Highest Level Bonus:

  • One character will receive a flat bonus of 5 levels for having the highest level in Suikoden 1.
  • Who gets the bonus when two or more characters are at the highest level is determined by generating a random number to pick between them.
Starting Weapon Levels

Each weapon gets a bonus based on the characters weapon level from Suikoden 1, but only if the level is 12 or higher.

The calculation is:
Bonus = (Suikoden_1_Weapon_Lv - 10) / 2

This is all integer division, so discard any fractional amounts. No rounding up ever occurs.

Suikoden 1
Weapon Lv.
12-13 +1
14-15 +2
16 +3

Name Starting Weapon Levels
Clive 78910
Flik 78910
Futch 78910
Hix 5678
Humphrey 9101112
Kasumi 78910
Lorelai 6789
Luc 4567
McDohl 11121314
Meg 5678
Pesmerga 14151616
Sheena 891011
Stallion 78910
Tengaar 891011
Valeria 6789
Viktor 6789

Starting Equipment

The Suikoden 1 <Hero> (McDohl) can transfer pretty much any head and armor item he has equipped.

If Humphrey or Pesmerga have Windspun Armor equipped in the Suikoden 1 save, it will be equipped to them in Suikoden 2. Due to the fact that Pesmergas has a fixed Dragon Armor in Suikoden 1, this can't be done for him by legal means.

When nothing is equipped in the respective slot, the default items will be used as starting equipment. The same goes for any items not listed.


Name Suikoden 1
Suikoden 2
McDohl Pointed Hat Pointed Hat
Half Helmet Pointed Hat
Head Gear Head Gear
Silver Hat Silver Hat


Name Suikoden 1
Suikoden 2
McDohl Robe Robe
Tunic Tunic
Leather Coat Leather Coat
Brass Armor Brass Armor
Guard Robe Guard Robe
Karate Uniform Karate Uniform
Leather Armor Leather Armor
Magic Robe Magic Robe
Ninja Suit Ninja Suit
Dragon Armor Dragon Armor
Master Garb Master Garb
Humphrey Windspun Armor Windspun Armor (*2)

Starting Runes (not in use!)

In the game code is a full set of a rune transfer table. However, due to some errors they made the whole rune transfer process does not work. It is unknow whether they didn't notice before releasing the game or this was left undone on prupose.

The following list is not in use in any known version of Suikoden II. It is shown here only to display how the rune transfer was most likely meant to be!

Suikoden 1 Rune Suikoden 2 Rune
Fire Fire
Water Water
Wind Wind
Lightning Lightning
Earth Earth
Resurrection -
Boar -
Shrike -
Falcon -
Hate -
Trick -
Clone -
Double-Beat Double-Beat
Killer Killer
Counter Counter
Spark Spark
Hazy Hazy
Gale -
Sunbeam -
Holy -
Fortune -
Prosperity -
Champion's -
Turtle -
Phero Phero
Rage Fire
Flowing Water
Cyclone Wind
Mother Earth Earth
Thunder Lightning

1: When Pesmerga joins the party, the game checks the level that is based on the bonus calculation and compares the result with his normal starting level, <Hero>+5. Pesmerga's level is then set to the greater value, so you might end up at a higher level.
2: Humphrey's armor slot is locked in Suikoden 2. So when you bring the Windspun Armor it will be locked as well.