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Bright Shield Rune





Shield Rune

The Bright Shield Rune is the other component of the Rune of the Beginning. Representing the power to protect "the beginning," this rune holds tremendous defensive powers. Many of its spells heal its bearer and those who are with the bearer in spirit. It is also said that those who are close to this rune won't die even when they suffer wounds that would have otherwise killed them.

Given to Riou early during the events of the Dunan Unification War the Bright Shield Rune works mainly as a reliable healing tool, although it presents the Shining Light spell which works well on enemy groups. The last magic, Forgiver Sign, is unlocked near the end of the game as a reward for all 108 stars. - Celes

Suikoden 2 Data
Healing and Attack magic useable.
Great Blessing (all allies)
Heals 70 HP / all allies.
Cures all negativ status / all allies.
Shining Light (all enemies)
130 DMG / all enemies.
Battle Oath (all allies)
Heals 300 HP / all allies.
Cures all negativ status / all allies.
Inflicts Berserk (50%) / all allies.
Forgiver Sign (1 enemy)
Heals 2000 HP / divided among all allies.
Cures all negativ status / all allies.
Remaining amount = DMG / 1 enemy.

Note: If party's HP loss exceeds 2000, the spell screws up.

Requires 108 Stars of Destiny.
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
Riou - RH (fixed, post story event)