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Lightning Rune Piece




In Suikoden I these were known as Thunder Rune Piece, probably due to the lack of space for naming items. These rune pieces augment the weapons power and switch their element to lighning.

There is only a small number of these to be found in the Toran Region, as there are no enemies who might drop them. - Celes

Suikoden 1 Data
Change weapon attack to element.

CriticalHit% up per piece.

Note: Known as "Thunder Rune Piece" in this game
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
   Mt. Seifu: Treasure

Dwarves' Vault: Treasure

Panna Yakuta Castle: Treasure

Suikoden 4 Data
Change weapon attack to element.
DMG +1% per piece.
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
 Na-Nal: Item Shop (rare find)Golden Wing - 10%

Jellyfish Man - 5%

Killer Rodent - 4%

Stun Lizard - 10%
Middleport: Given by girl (give her a Giant Bird's Feather, beginning)

"Net Fishing" - Desterted Island area

"Net Fishing" - Limestone Shelf Island area