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Dawn Rune





Sun Rune

A piece left over after the Night Rune turned into a sword and split from the Sun Rune, the Dawn Rune is a one-of-a-kind rune and one of the three treasures of Falena.

Borne on the right hand, the Dawn Rune grants it's bearer a few powers, most importantly, the power to heal others who have wounds that would ordinarly kill them. It's true power comes, however, when used in conjunction with the Sun Rune. The power of the Dawn Rune, when combined with it's counterpart, the Twilight Rune, allows the power of the Sun Rune to stabilize and prevents the insanity bearing the Sun Rune normally causes.

The Sindar people, when they lived in Falena, used the power of the Dawn Rune extensively. The water level in the Ceras Lake could be controlled through a Sindar dam that used the power of the Dawn Rune. The Sindar constructed similar buildings in the western forests and the northern mountains. Even though these palaces were not designed specifically for the Dawn Rune, the Dawn Rune could still activate them.

After the disappearance of the Sindar, the Dawn Rune was kept in the East Palace of Falena on a magical bust, but an attack on the palace in 445 In Solis caused it to go missing. Officially, it seemed the people of Lordlake, who were revolting at the time, took it. However, in actuality, it was the Barows family. They incited the people of Lordlake to attack the East Palace while they were protesting the construction of a dam that contaiminated their water. The Barows family snuck some of their troops into the Lordlake riot, and convinced them to attack the palace. The Dawn Rune fell into possession of Salum Barows, who kept it locked in a wardrobe in his basement. Other then his son Euram, no one knew the rune was locked there. To dissaude anyone from searching, Salum told the vault guardian, Chuck, that he had put a present intended for his daughter Luserina's wedding down there, so she was not allowed entry.

It is unknown what Lord Barows planned to use the Dawn Rune for. It was specualted that he either planned to use it as a goodwill offering to the nation of Armes, to trade it to the Godwins, or until he could figure out how to use it himself.

After the Prince discovers Salum's deals with the nation of Armes, Euram blurts out that the Barows have the Dawn Rune. Piecing the puzzle together quickly, Luserina takes the Prince to the basement, where the rune selects him as it's host.

The Prince keeps the rune during the Falenian civil war, using it's varied powers on the ruins of the Sindar, to heal his bodyguard Lyon from a wound that would have killed her otherwise, and to control a use of the Sun Rune.

After the end of the war, the Dawn Rune returns to a bust, where it is kept next to the Sun and Twilight Runes.

Suikoden 5 Data
Attack and Healing magic useable.
Time of Wakening (all allies)
Cures all negative status / all allies.

Unite Magic available.
First Ray (column of enemies)
400 DMG / enemy column.

Unite Magic available.
Light of Day (1 ally)
Revives / 1 ally.
Heals all HP / 1 ally.
Cures all negative status / 1 ally.

Unite Magic available.
Crimson Sky (all enemies)
1200 DMG / all enemies.

Unite Magic available.
Equipped Sold Dropped Found
Prince Falenas - RH (fixed, post story event)