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The duel guide is a list of what the characters you are duelling might say, and the actions that they will perform.

Duel Guide

The duel guide is a list of what the characters you are duelling might say, and the actions that they will perform.

Duels play like Rock-Paper-Scissors, Attack beats Defend, Defend beats Deathblow, Deathblow beats Attack.
So going by this guide, for example, if Jimba says "You're quite skilled. How about this?" that means he's going to use Attack and you should counter with Deathblow.

The En Garde, Victory and Defeat quotes are simply what they say at the start of the duel and when they win/lose, though only the En Garde and Victory quotes are actually used in-game but we've included them for completions sake.

Chris Chapters

Chris vs Lucia
Let's see what the White Maiden can withstand.
It's been an even match. Until now.
Ha! There's no need for discretion here, White Maiden.
A little too meek to stop me.
I will triumph over you!
We're even now. But not for long.
Saucy knight!
If that is how you wish to battle...
Have you prepared yourself?
Such a lack of passion. I'll spice this up.
I'll withstand your worst.
So you are serious after all. But how serious?
Show me your skills are as sharp as your tongue.
Where's the sport in this? It's not a battle if you don't fight.
I suppose you're good enough to be called 'White Maiden.'
You have some strength after all. Allow me to see it in action.
A battle of resistance...
Without caution, attack is useless!
Hmm. Too tired to give me your best?
That won't help us decide who wins.
By the power of Karaya...
Power of the Earth Spirits!
I shall finish this now. Earth Spirits, give me strength!
Ah, just like a little girl. What about this?
Earth Spirits... Empower me!
We can't hack away all day. I'll have to bring this to an end.
Very well, stay like that!
My Karaya brethren, lend me your strength!
Let's make this the final blow.
That wasn't very exciting. Try this!
En GardeVictoryDefeat
I will settle the score here.I hope you were all watching carefully.What a disgrace.

Chris vs Jimba
AttackDefendDesperate Attack
See how you like this.
You're quite skilled. How about this?
What's wrong? Feeling tired?
You're playing it safe. That's fine with me.
AAARRR! You're no princess. I'll actually have to fight!
This one will not miss.
Strong enough. Let's see how you handle this.
Good work. Now it's my turn.
Now it's time for me to strike.
We'll lose our audience if we carry on like this.
Go on, take a swing at me!
Damn! I better take a breather.
What's wrong, dear lady? Come on now, have at me.
Now it's your turn.
Phew! I'll take a moment to recover.
Perhaps I should have thought this through...
I've never had to play it this safe before.
Quite solid, but is it luck or skill?
Well, well.... Having trouble? Maybe next time.
Is this a staring match or a battle?
I hope this isn't too much for you.
This is no time to play. Ready to get serious?
This next one might be the last.
Let's do this my way.
See if you can keep your composure after this!
You're a formidable opponent. This should change that.
This has carried on long enough. I'll finish it quickly.
You're a tough one, my dear. But this is not child's play.
Sorry, but I've been doing this a lot longer than you have.
Milady, I will not hold back.
En GardeVictoryDefeat
Shall we begin?You are certainly skilled. Just not enough....Not bad at all.

Hugo Chapters

Melville vs Guillaume
*Note: You can't win this fight. Guillaume will not take any damage after a while.
Let's start with this...
What'll it be now?
Hmm. You seem to be serious.
Ho, ho, are you really that bad!?
You can give me those looks all you want, but it will not change the outcome.
Days like this...
So valiant....
I'll show you my deathblow attack.
I better move cautiously...
I'll punish you!
Let's start with this...
What'll it be now?
If this would just work...
Ah, looks like I tried too hard for you. Sorry....
I won't go down that easily!
Let's cut to the chase.
I'll punish you!
I'll show you my deathblow attack.
You're a tough little one...
Tsk, tsk. Such weak-hearted behavior...
Let's start with this...
What'll it be now?
Well, well! A little conceited, aren't we now?
Oh dear--pity for you, we're just not the same level.
My word! You are agile!
I better be careful...
I'll show you my deathblow attack.
I better move cautiously...
What shall I try next?
En GardeVictoryDefeat
I suppose I'll finish this in no time at all...Woo-hoo!Hmmm? I don't believe it.

Hugo vs Chris
I do not wish to continue this fight.
I'm telling you, give up now. After this I can't promise...
Let's put an end to this. Otherwise...
Please stop. I don't see the meaning of this.
Put away your weapon.
Stop immediately. Or else....
This kind of duel will not settle anything.
I do not wish to continue this fight.
I don't want to fight you.
My heart is not in this battle.
Sorry to disappoint, but I have no interest in continuing.
Stop this. I do not want to continue.
That was courageous.
That's futile.
I warn you, I can't promise your safety beyond this point.
I'm warning you. Sheath your blade.
I'm warning you, sheath your blade and step away.
I'm warning you. Sheath your blade and step back.
Stop. Beyond this there is only injury.
This has no purpose. Stop at once.
En GardeVictoryDefeat
........................How did it come to this?

Hugo vs Sasarai
I'll go easy at first. Are you ready?
Not bad. I'll take another shot.
Your skills still need honing. Watch and learn.
That's wise of you. Keep defending. I'll put you down for a long nap.
That was fine work. I'll stop holding back as well.
You're really giving it your all. Maybe I should try harder, too.
Have you learned? You are far too meek to be a champion.
You've got some talent. But I've also got a few tricks.
You haven't perfected that yet? How would you judge this?
Our strategies are similar. Let's see what you make of my next attack.
I'll stand still. Attack with all your might!
Very well, then. Come at me again!
What's wrong, Flame Champion? It's time to attack.
You're far too submissive. Try a little aggression.
Maybe I'm trying too hard...
Why don't you show me what you're really made of.
Playing it safe, eh? Go on. I'll take what you deliver.
Not bad. Try it again.
Is that all? I thought you had more in you.
A passive champion at best. Come on now, have at me!
I won't hold back. Defend yourself!
No more holding back. Here it comes!
You carry the name of Flame Champion? I will prove your unworthiness....
You're a quiet one. Can you withstand this?
You might have skill after all. But what will you do with this?
Commendable. But have you ever seen this?
My little Flame Champion, your game stops here.
If you won't let down your guard, then I'll take it down.
You're far too predictable. And now... I strike.
I don't care to do this all day. Let's finish it.
En GardeVictoryDefeat
Time to see the skills of the 'champion.'You hardly qualify as a champion.That was really something.

Hugo vs Yuber
*Note: You can't win this fight, Yuber will switch his attacks to match yours regardless what he says.
Let's begin with a short greeting.
I can barely detect your effort. This is an attack.
The outcome is already obvious. Here I come again.
So you're not worthy after all. Wretched coward!
Cocky child!
Quick as a bee, aren't you? See how you like this.
Don't congratulate yourself yet. We've only begun!
Let me take a swing.
This'll teach you about fighting.
I gave you your chances. Now you'll writher in pain.
Still frightened, little one? Shake it off, and attack.
You're as predictable as the sun. Land your shot!
Hmph. That shows promise. One more time. Come on!
Your turn. Show me what you're made of.
Not bad, I suppose. Try it once more.
Ha! Not bad. Try it again!
You cannot win with just defense. Attack me!
Take your best shot. And try to make it interesting for me.
Very nice. I'll defend. Do your worst again.
Come on, attack me!
I'll only use twenty percent of my strength. Prepare yourself.
Don't bore me. Here's how it's done.
Your weakness astounds me. Must I cut you up right now?
Useless coward! Meet your maker!
So you're playing for keeps? Well then, so am I.
Nimble rodent. Now I'll silence you.
I'll slice you to pieces!
You shouldn't give me that much space. No matter.... This is the end!!!
Here's what happens to children who dare challenge me!
The games must cease. Here's your end.
En GardeVictoryDefeat
Make this worth my time.How uninspiring. A waste of my time.Damn! I let that one slip away.

Geddoe Chapters

Geddoe vs Duke
Here we go!
Now this is a fight! Here it comes again!
What's wrong, Geddoe? You wanted the real thing, right?
Come on now, are you really that meek?
I'll return that!
But will you be as lucky next time?
Well, well. Aren't you cunning?
Not bad at all. I'll go full speed as well.
Don't get too tired. Take a rest and I'll finish this quickly!
Don't put me to sleep, Geddoe.
All right then, let's see what you've got.
That luck will run out!
So what do you want to do? Come on, I'll give you a chance.
Don't just stand there! Attack!
Maybe I underestimated you. I'll be careful.
You've gotten quick.
The next attack is yours. Come on!
Hardly felt a thing. Try a little harder.
Nice try. I'll take it as many times as you can bring it.
How long do I have to wait!
No quarter given!
Better than I thought, Geddoe. Now take this.
Is that all it took? This should finish it.
If that's your game, I've got a little gift for you.
Grrr.... Not bad. Now try this!
That was disgraceful. Now observe my recovery!
Hold still!
You seem to enjoy this. But you won't care for this next part....
Nice effort. Here's how it's done!
Looking me in the eye won't get you sympathy!
En GardeVictoryDefeat
I've been waiting for this, Geddoe.I hope you finally learned which of us is better.Scum!


Watari vs Ayame
Let me show you how pleased I am to see you again.
Here we go....
What? Is that it?
If you only defend....
Don't feel too good about that.
Are you still trying?
When are you going to stand up and fight?
Now I'll get you back.
You're so predictable.
Enough messing around!
It's been a while. Let's see if you've improved.
At least you don't fight worse than before.
I wouldn't hold still like that.
I believe this is how to properly defend oneself.
That was good, but probably the best you can do.
This is taking too long.
Sorry, no effect.
Are you getting enough to eat? You're not very effective.
So, we think alike after all.
This will let you know how glad I am to see you again.
I'll help you remember your past.
Booooring. I'll spice things up.
I'll slice you out of your misery.
Now it's getting interesting.
Stop squirming for a moment.
As always, you're quick to stand back from a challenge. See if you can do that again.
You shouldn't feel too proud of yourself just yet.
And now, the finishing stroke.
Goodnight, Watari.
En GardeVictoryDefeat
............You've lost your touch.I've... lost...

Various vs Edge
I suppose I could go easy on you.
You're better than I thought. Again!
There's no time to rest now.
You won't win by just defending.
You're no slouch, eh?
Think that'll happen again?
What's this? All defense?
Don't get cocky.
Now I know what you're up to.
Don't chicken out on me.
Come on and take a shot!
Might as well play it safe.
Come on, try to enjoy this at least a little!
Nice work.
Why don't you show me what you've got.
Let's think this through...
I'm not myself today.
Don't get shaken...
Settle down, settle down...
I see we're both cautious.
I'll end this right away.
Nice work. Now how about this?
This should finish it.
Try defending against this!
Time to get serious.
Give me everything you've got.
Stand still!
I'll pay you back double.
This might just finish it...
Let's make this interesting.
En GardeVictoryDefeat
Go easy on me.Victory is mine.Not bad...

Various vs Guillaume (Vinay del Zexay)
Ho ho ho! Your life is mine!
Ouch! You'll pay for that!
Ho ho ho! I am simply too strong!
Snap out of it. There's no turning back now.
I warned you I don't like those who interfere!
Are you imitating my missus? This won't last long!
Don't expect me to spare you!
You've made your uncle very angry!
All this staring at each other. Like a prelude to marriage. But I suppose I don't mind...
Ho ho ho. Did you think I would only defend?
Ooouuuuch! I better stop to catch my breath!
Ho ho ho. I am truly at my best today.
Hmmph. Your turn.
Careful, careful, careful...
Remember... caution.
I'll take a page from your book!
Ouch! The pain!
Ho ho ho. You're right where I want you.
Ahhhh. This is really quite comfortable...
Deathblow attack!!! Furious flame!!!
Deathblow attack!!! The most furious of flames!!!
Deathblow attack!!! Ominous oceans!!!
Deathblow attack!!! Hellish heat!!!
Never! Deathblow attack!!! Ominous oceans!!!
En GardeVictoryDefeat
Ho ho ho. I don't look kindly upon pests who interfere.I have already won. I am invincible!Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Various vs Guillaume (Recruitment)
Ho ho ho. Allow me to make my point!
Ouch! You'll pay for that!
Ho ho ho. I am just too strong!
Come, now. Snap out of it. I won't go easy on you now.
Pesky opponent! The next one won't miss!
You imitate my missus too? We're even. But only for now.
I will not hesitate to attack!
Your opponent has lost his patience!
Egads! Are we here just to look at one another? I suppose I wouldn't mind...
Ho ho ho. Did you think I would only defend?
Oooouuuch! Let me catch my breath!
Ho ho ho. I am at my best today.
Hmmmmmm. Now it's your turn.
Waaaa! Careful...
Who's copying who?
Yeeeeooouuuuch! That smarts!
Ho ho ho. This is fine, just fine.
Ahhh, I wouldn't mind staying like this....
Deathblow attack!!! Fluttering fist!!!
Deathblow attack!!! Chilling cold!!!
Deathblow attack!!! Furious flame!!!
Deathblow attack!!! Windy gale!!!
Deathblow attack!!! Vile violence!!!
Deathblow attack!!! Cruel curses!!!
Deathblow attack!!! Ominous oceans!!!
Deathblow attack!!! Wet rainstorm!!!
Deathblow attack!!! Firebird phoenix!!!
You lucky bugger! Deathblow attack!!! Sharp spearheads!!!
En GardeVictoryDefeat
Ho ho ho. Now we shall see.I have won! Ho ho ho. I remain invincible.Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Luc Chapter

Luc vs Sasarai
Here I go.
So you intend to win. But can you handle this...
No time to waste.
You make a nice target.
Don't let it go to your head.
I don't intend to let this continue.
Can you keep that up?
Now it's my turn.
Is that it?
And now for my offensive.
Something seems odd. Is this really the best you can do?
Such dogged caution.
I had better consider my options...
Maybe I'll take a closer look...
It seems we're both cautious.
See how this feels.
Bring your worst.
Hit me with everything you've got. I'm ready.
Away with you!
I intend to keep this short.
I'll kill you!
But can you handle this...
Luck seems to be with you, but let's find out how much.
Away with you, forever!
See if you can figure this out.
Here's where I return the favor.
I've analyzed this enough.
Rather heavy on defense. Try defending this!
En GardeVictoryDefeat
I'm waiting...Pathetic.How did you...