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The staff at Suikosource have created many guides to help you through Suikoden III. Almost any information you might want to know about the game is listed here.
List and location of all the antiques.
The bestiary is a listing of where and when all of the enemies, except for story bosses, in the game can be found, their HP, level, and their dropped items.
Listing of what your opponents in duels might say and their subsequent battle commands.
Complete list of all possible ending lines for all characters.
A list covering starting levels for all characters on recruitment, initial equipment, runes and items right from the start, as well as rune slot info.
List of at what MGC levels do people gain magic points.
List, descriptions, and location of all the miscellaneous items.
Complete texts of all the Old Books.
Descriptions of and how to get all of the rare, valuable armor. Now with an Armor Set and Elemental Resistance appendixes.
How to get each recipe, and the name, price, and effect of each variation.
How long it takes to cast magic spells and execute command runes.
An exhaustive database of all available runes in the game. This guide also makes note of any non-playable runes mentioned in the game.
All the information about the skills system you could possibly ever need.
Each character's possible statistics with each level they gain is listed here.
A list of all the story bosses in the game, where and when encountered, their HP, level, and their dropped items.
List of Unites and their descriptions.
The strengths and names of each weapon as you sharpen them.