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Suikoden 2 is filled with scenes that are memorable for their overall emotional impact. We've transcribed a few of the scenes we think are the most poignant.
After you defeat the Beast Rune all characters have a unique dialouge depending on their character slot, and one extra under special conditions.
If you choose to run away with Nanami at Tinto some characters have unique dialouge.
Rushing from state to state, you've finally managed to track Elza down. Now it's time for the final duel...
This is the original translated text from the duel.
The war is over. You've won. You head to the pass, either refusing to lead the country, or leaving the castle before you were asked. You meet Jowy at the rock you two slashed an X into in the beginning onf the game.
It's the same setup as above, but the choices you have made and will made decide the outcome...