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The duel guide is a list of what the characters you are duelling might say, and the actions that they will perform.

Duel Guide

The duel guide is a list of what the characters you are duelling might say, and the actions that they will perform.

Duels play like Rock-Paper-Scissors, Attack beats Defend, Defend beats Desperate Attack, Desperate Attack beats Attack.
So going by this guide, for example, if Flik says ""Nice try. I'll go next." that means he's going to use Attack and you should counter with Desperate Attack.

The En Garde, Victory and Defeat quotes are simply what they say at the start of the duel and when they win/lose. Or what they should say, because while this information is available on the disc for some reason it isn't used in the actual game but we've included them for completions sake.

We've also included all the stats for the characters, though the only ones that are actually used are HP, STR and DEF. The rest serve no purpose but we've included them for completion. Also note that stats differ for people you fight more than once.

Flik - Reduce his HP to 250 or less
AttackDefendDesperate Attack
Okay, let's see what you've got.
That's the spirit!
Nice try. I'll go next.
Oops, I might have put too much into that one.
That's how to attack. Got it?
This is just a waste of time.
Yes, good. What'll you do next?
whoa, nice stroke. That's the way.
Hey, be careful how you swing that thing!
Whoa. Better be careful. Someone's gonna get hurt.
C'mon take a swing at me.
Want to try that again?
One more time. Don't mess up.
Better be more careful. You'll get yourself hurt.
That's how to attack. Try it yourself.
In combat, caution is the best weapon.
Okay, it's your turn. Let's see what you've got.
Don't get too confident or you'll get yourself killed.
Hey, wanna try that again?
Hey, that was a surprise.
Here goes! Hope you can handle this!!!
Now it's my turn. Don't faint on me.
Here it comes. Better get out of the way.
I'm going again. Don't mess up this time.
The next one's going to hurt.
One of us is going to have to finish this.
You dodged my sword, the kid gloves are coming off...
Okay, maybe I should show you what I've really got.
This is how to you deliver a deadly attack.....
Ha ha ha! You're something else. Wanna try that again?
En GardeVictoryDefeat
It's been a long time, hope I don't hurt you......I'm sorry.... But you're not ready to go off into battle.Whew.... you're pretty good.


Amada - Reduce his HP to 0
AttackDefendDesperate Attack
Okay, first a little test...
Ouch! Pretty good!
Ouch! I felt that one!
Ouch! That musta hurt! Sorry about that.
Hey, you're not gonna win that way y'know.
Thinking the same thing, eh. C'mon let's go.
ARGH!!!!..... Nice shot..... But it ain't over yet!!!!!
Ouch!!! I definitely felt that one!!!
Ha ha ha ha! Too bad, boy!!! Now it's my turn!!!
YOWCH!!!!! Nice one! My hand's all numb!
He he, first show me what you've got, boy.
He he, doesn't work so well the 2nd time, eh.
I won't fall for that one again!
He he, I guess I'd better hold back a little.
C'mon. It's your turn now.
Got to keep your head cool when you're in a fight, y'know.
Dammit!!! I might lose this one!!!
Damn! Dammit!!! Gotta think!!!!!
Ha ha! Wanna try that again?
Woa!!! That was scary!!!!!
Okay, boy, here I go!
I'm just about ready to take the kid gloves off.
Okay, it's my turn next!
Better get ready. Here I go again.
If ya liked that, I'll give ya some more.
That won't get us anywhere! Try this one on fer size!!!!!
Argh! I'll get ya next time!!!
Way to go, kid!!! But I won't lose that easy!
He he, I'll show ya how to attack!
That was fun!!! Let's go again!!!
En GardeVictoryDefeat
He he, think ya can beat me?He he, sorry. Don't know my own strength.Ouch!!! Ya got me!!!


Luca Blight - Reduce his HP to 0
AttackDefendDesperate Attack
Hah hah hah hah!!! Die! Die!!! Die!!!!
Hah...... A draw..........
Hahaha!!! Yes! I'll disgrace your head under the sun!!!
I'll get you!! You insect!!!!!!
Idiot!!!! Is that the best you can do!!!!
Pretty tricky!!!! You punk!!!!!
That's nothing!
That's right!!!!! Battle!!!! I just love a good fight!!!!!!!!!
You impertinent little pig!!!!!
You little punk!!!!
Fool!!!! That can't stop me!!!!!!
Hah...hah hah hah... Fighting is my life.....
I won't let an insect like you get in my way!!!
Kill!!! I'll kill you!!!!!!
Pathetic!!!! That's what you call power!!!!
Ridiculous!!! You think a punk like you can stop me!!!!!
You fool!!!!!!
You little punk.....
You're nothing!!! Nothing! Nothing!! Nothing!!!!!
Feel my strength!!! Feel my sword!!!!!!!
Hah hah hah hah hah!!!!!!!!!!
Hah........ Are we still doing this....
I love it! I love it! Name!!!!! Hah hah hah hah !!!!!
I won't be be defeated by a mere blade!!!!!!
Insect!!!! You really thought you could defeat me!!!!!!
Pig!! Pig!!! Pig!!!! Pig!!!!! Piiiiiiiiiiig!!!!!!!!
Pig!!!! Die!!!!!!!!!
Pig!!!!! You dare wound me!!!!!
You can't take it forever!!! A pathetic insect like you!!!
En GardeVictoryDefeat
A puny insect like you... What are you going to do!!!!!Ha.... Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Puny insect!!!!!!!!!It... it can't be.


Han Cunningham - Reduce his HP to 0
AttackDefendDesperate Attack
And now it's my turn.
Foolish boy!!!
Ho ho ho.... You taught him well, Genkaku my friend....
I can't let you past here, son.
I may be old, but I haven't lost my sword arm.
Unf..... Your father would have been proud to see you today...
Very good, boy.
You can't defend yourself forever.
You can't win like that, boy.
You're a tough one....
Genkaku............. You raised a good son....
I should have avoided that cheap little shot...
Let me see your power, Genkaku's son!!!
The leader of the Name Army is cautious I see....
Try that again, boy. like to take risks, eh.
Well struck.... It seems I should be more careful....
What will you do now, boy?
What's wrong? Want to try again?
You think you can beat me, boy?
Can you take this?
Let's bury our past here, boy!!
Let's see if you can withstand another of my blows!
Now feel my deadly sword.
Watch and learn, boy. Here's how to wield a sword!!!
Watch closely, boy!!
Yes, but can you defend against my sword!!!
You think my sword has lost it's bite!!!
You'll have to do better than that.
You've got spirit...
En GardeVictoryDefeat
I will defend the Royal City to my last breath.....I had to stop you...Impressive......


Jowy - Either Defend throughout or reduce his HP to 0
AttackDefendDesperate Attack
Bad move...... Name.... That'll get you hurt....
Here goes.... Name........
Just like the old days....
Let's finish this long, long battle....
Next it's my turn. Name.........
That's right. That's the way.....
Why won't you fight, Name!!!
That's right.....
Name...... You......
Let's test your strength.... Name.......
That's right...... Name.........
This reminds me of the old days....
Try again! Name.......
You're the leader of the Name Army, Name........
En GardeVictoryDefeat
Here goes, Name..................That's enough.... Name.......


Original guide by darkannex