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A look at the content that was cut or omitted from the final game.
In the development of any game there will be things that were planned but didn't make it into the final product for various reasons, either it didn't work out as planned, it sounded better in theory than practice, too difficult to program, or they simply run out of time/money etc.

While we can't attest to the reasons why these things were cut or more than guess at the purpose of some of them since only bits and pieces remain on the disc, it still provides an interesting look into some of the things that could have been.

Note: We're using McDohl as a placeholder name in dialogue, it would have been whatever you named the hero if it was acutally used in-game.
Cut Dialogue

Death of Kasumi

Though the Ninjas can't die in the final game, it appears that at some point the possibility of Kasumi dying was at least considered as this unused line by Hanzo when he shows up before the attack on Gregminster shows.

By the way, Commander McDohl, I don't see Kasumi...
I see. Let us say it was the fate of a ninja.

The Banquet

When Varkas and Sydonia join up there's a banquet held to celebrate. In the final game only a couple of characters attend, but it appears there were plans for all mandatory recruits up to this point to attend as they all have lines, as well as Gremio having an alternate one.

That tall one's cooking is pretty good.
I should put him to work somewhere as repayment of the money I'm owed.
Yam Koo
Big Brother acts without thinking, so I always have to watch out for him.
Phew. I followed my Master here, but I never thought I'd end up living with bandits.
These silver plates should be worth quite a bit.
Think I'll take one.
Master McDohl, the men you've recruited are useless.
My goodness, eating too much? How pathetic, you fool.
Where are you off to, Young Master?
Going to bed already?

Item Related Stuff

Key Items Description

Though the game doesn't use descriptions for Key Items they still wrote them.

Key Item
Suiko Map See map
Astral Conclusions Leknaat's results
Earrings Odessa's earrings
Running Water Root Dwarves' treasure
Fake orders Fake orders to prison
Fire Spear Fire spear
Moonlight grass Medical materials
Mathiu's letter Letter
Binoculars During battle, 2P...

Unused items

Some items that were unused, though the rune crystals appear to be there for programming reasons as the description suggests that they were always meant to be unique runes.

Shrike crystal Kasumi's rune
Falcon crystal Valeria's rune
Flame crystal Bell's rune
Junk Junk

Gameplay Related Things

Five Great Generals?
This piece of dialogue by Mathiu suggests there was something bigger planned for how you used your troops, though in what way is uncertain. Perhaps the war system used was originally more complex or something else entirely.
The placement of the text is around the same place as the text before the assault on Shasarazade which could indicate that it's an end-game thing. Perhaps there was supposed to be a 5-party attack on Shasarazade or even Gregminster? We don't know! Sounds exciting though.

But the core Imperial Army is still in excellent shape.
The time for battle is nearing.
To organize the Liberation Army in the most efficient way,
may I suggest we divide it into five battalions, appointing a general for each.

The five generals can then command each battalion.
Commander McDohl, please appoint the five generals
who will constitute the core of our army.

The Missing Room

A room in Gregminster Palace that only exists in the daylight version of the palace. Though the passage is blocked by guards and can't be reached through any normal means. It's purpose? Your guess is as good as ours.

Beyond this passage...

...lies a two-story room.

But why?

Regional Differences

In the Japanese version of the game Varkas and Sydonia are crucified as their punishment for banditry, in the English versions they are tied to poles instead.

Japanese version

English version.

Old Book Vol.9

In the Japanese version there is a secret 9th volume in the library that is only accessible by highlighting the 8th volume and pressing all four buttons at once. The book is called "Hirotaka's Development Diary" and is a short diary of the programming of mainly the library function.

Hirotaka's Development Diary