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A list covering starting levels for all characters on recruitment, as well as initial equipment, runes and items right from the start.

+/- Lv.The starting lv. depends on Tir's level.
If the starting lv. is calculated <1 or >99, it will always result in lv. 99.

FixedPermanent runes or equipment.

W-El.: The natural elements of weapons. They can be changed by attaching elemental rune pieces.
Fukien and the Viktor's Star Dragon Sword have both Holy element but this doesn't seem to work in battle, so it's considered here as non-elemental.

Medicine x6
Alen297RageLeather ArmorSteel Shield
Anji407BandannaLeather Coat
Blackman+33Leather Coat
Camille94BandannaTunicMedicine x6
Cleo11CircletTunicMedicine x6
Clive4713Magic RobeCape
Crowley502CycloneMaster RobeEmblem
Eikei476Double-beatKarate Uniform
Eileen134EarthRobeStar Earrings
Flik+49LightningBandannaBrass ArmorWodden ShieldCape
Fu Su Lu+46Leather CoatFur Cape
Fukien199ResurrectionLeather Coat
Fuma3711Ninja Suit
Futch199Half HelmetLeather Armor
Gen239HeadbandKarate Uniform
Gon-47HeadbandLeather Coat
Gremio11Leather CoatCapeMedicine x6
Grenseal297ThunderLeather ArmorSteel Shield
Griffith288Leather Armor
Helion303Mother EarthGuard Robe
Hix3810Half HelmetLeather ArmorWooden ShieldBoots
Humphrey237Brass ArmorCape
Juppo104TrickPointed HatTunic
Kage+59Karate Uniform
Kai218HazyHeadbandKarate Uniform
Kamandohl223Guard Robe
Kanak374Leather Coat
Kasim4513Ninja SuitGauntlet
Kasumi386ShrikeHeadbandKarate Uniform
Kessler169Leather Coat
Kimberly178Leather CoatWooden Shoes
Kirke-25Leather Coat
Kirkis155BandannaBrass Armor
Kreutz409Half ArmorSteel Shield
Krin72TunicEscape Talisman
Kuromimi-16HeadbandBrass ArmorWooden ShieldMedicine x6
Kwanda306Half HelmetLeather Armor
Lepant185Brass ArmorWooden ShieldMedicine x6
Lester133Leather Coat
Liukan192Guard RobeMedicine x6
Medicine x6
Mega Medicine x3
Mega Medicine x3
Ssacrificial Buddha
Lorelai185HeadbandTunicMedicine x6
Lotte224EarthGuard Robe
Luc123WindGuard RobeSpeed Ring
Maas183Leather Coat
Mace4515Leather Armor
Meese209Leather Coat
Meg166Guard Robe
Milia+29Leather ArmorWooden Shield
Milich326Pointed HatGuard RobeRose Brooch
Mina146Magic RobeToe Shoes
Moose2712Leather Coat
Morgan356CounterHeadbandKarate Uniform
Mose238Brass Armor
Odessa65WindHead GearTunicMedicine x6
Pesmerga487Half HelmetDragon ArmorSteel Shield
Quincy226Guard RobeFeather
Ronnie277HateHeadbandKarate Uniform
Rubi+46BandannaBrass Armor
Sonya4811WaterLeather ArmorCrimson Cape
Stallion166True HolyBrass ArmorWing BootsEscape Talisman
Sydonia146BandannaLeather Coat
Sylvina125RobeMedicine x6
Tai Ho103HeadbandTunicMedicine x6
Ted13??????RobeMedicine x6
Tengaar427Guard RobeGuard Ring
Valeria+37FalconBrass ArmorWooden ShieldMedicine x6
Varkas165Brass ArmorLeggings
Viktor73Leather CoatBoots
Warren4012Half HelmetLeather Armor
Yam Koo93Tunic