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Promotional cards for Chapter 1.
Promo Cards

Promo Card

Promotional Cards are special cards that were given out at conventions and other events or won in contests. They are the same as the regular cards except they have a printed signature of the artist that drew the artwork for the card on them.

ID# Name Signature
001McDohlJunko Kawano
002HeroFumi Ishikawa
006JowyMiyako Hasumi
007LucaJunko Taguchi
008HeroOotsuki Beruno
015CulganJunko Taguchi
017SeedJunko Taguchi
018JowyEiji Kaneda
024ViktorTakao Otokita
025FlikTakao Otokita
031LucaEiji Kaneda
037KasumiSakura Kinoshita
041SasaraiJunko Taguchi
045ShuEiji Kaneda
058VikiJun Futaba
074LucJunko Taguchi
103ElzaEiji Kaneda
111CliveEiji Kaneda
118SierraJun Futaba
120JordieSho Yashioka
123NashFumi Ishikawa
131FutchSho Yashioka
192LepantEiji Kaneda
202ValeriaKaori Fujita
204McDohlOotsuki Beruno
213GremioOotsuki Beruno
238ZajSho Yashioka
239JeaneKaori Fujita
247JulieSho Yashioka
250LenaSho Yashioka