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A catalogue of guides about known bugs in Suikoden II. Available patches may be found on the Patches page.
Annallee attempts to sing a song when recruited, but the track fails to play.
Various issues with songs and sound effects
Badeaux fails to appear in the castle after being recruited.
You can gain around 999,999 potch by purchasing items you cannot afford from the Castle Armory.
Animals and seeds do not show up in the farm, if you hand in more than one at a time.
Chaco can be recruited at level 1.
There should be chanting during the best ending, but the track fails to play.
Dance contests with Karen should be set to a short loop of music, but the track fails to play.
Flower enemies such as Monwer and Eye Flower apparently have no attacks or battle AI.
Forgiver Sign appears to heal enemies, or to do massive damage when damage should be zero.
Multiple sets of Guardian Deity Plans can be found, or they can sometimes be impossible to find.
Your party can be restored at inns without paying potch, and without actually staying.
Some characters can be recruited at level 99.
The Kindness Rune sets ATK to maximum.
Eilie can cause the hero's HP to become 0 out of battle, if she hits him with a knife.
The last half of the stars roll during the ending should be set to this song, but it does not play.
The lamb in the Unicorn Woods can become inaccessible, and you will be unable to complete your collection.
In the showdown with Luca, this glitch with the hero's party can be exploited for an easy win.
The gate at the Muse-Matilda border can be pushed out of the way.
When copying Suikoden I data, imported text can be magled badly, most notably the Hero's name.
Randomly appearing Recipes, such as Recipe #34, can become impossible to acquire.
It is possible for a character to participate in multiple Rune Unite spells while only spending one 4th-level MP. Actions can also be cancelled by Rune Unites, which results in the character doing nothing, not even casting the original spell.
Mystery items such as vases and paintings can be identified for free by the scroll shop.
Sound Sets may become unobtainable, or multiple copies may be found.
At the end of the game, three enemies have untranslated text for names, and one of them can never be encountered.
While in Tinto, taking certain actions can cause bad scripts to load, trapping in you in the Mayor's house, and making the game unplayable.
Several of the major battles in the game can take place in silence because these two tracks fail to play.
Window Sets may become unobtainable, or multiple copies may be found.