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Star: Tenrou

Origin: Le Buque

Events: Second Fire Bringer War

Position: Mantor Trainer

Born: IS 450

Death: N/A

Franz is a master Mantor trainer from the Harmonian-controlled town of Le Buque. Compared to the other Mantor trainers, he is the most obedient to Harmonia, as he seeks to gain second-class citizenship so he may have a better life as opposed to being treated as a slave by Harmonia. This causes friction between him and his Le Buquean neighbors, who don't feel so strongly the same way. The situation came to a head when Harmonia ordered them to attack another Grasslands clan, promising second-class citizenship for them. He is romantically involved with Iku, also from Le Buque, and cares for her greatly. His mantor, Ruby, is among the finest in the town, and Franz likes to make that known. - KoRnholio