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Star: Tenman

Origin: Razril

Events: Island Liberation War, Fall of Kooluk

Position: Razril Knight

Born: IS 287

Death: N/A

An elven woman, Paula's late mother was exiled previously from the Great Tree in Na-Nal. Paula grew up in Razril and became a knight in the Academy. Although quiet and reserved, Paula was close friends with Lazlo, and steafastly believed in his innocence after the death of Commander Glen. After Paula learns about the Rune, she puts forth as much effort as she can muster so as not to become a liability, and create cause for the Rune to be used. She wants to eliminate the racial barrier between humans and elves, but realizes that would be an impossibility.

After the war, Paula is allowed to return to her original home with Selma, a fellow outcast elf. They would later travel to Kooluk to meet up with Kyril, who is seeking rune cannons there. They catch up to him in a Small Border Village near the Scarlet Moon Empire, and help destroy all the cannons they find. - Matt620