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Star: Tentai

Origin: Unknown

Events: Succession War, Gate Rune Wars

Position: Soldier

Born: IS 429

Death: N/A

Pahn served under Geil Rugner during the Succession War. However, he was defeated by Teo McDohl in hand-to-hand combat during the war and since then has served under Teo McDohl, almost as a live-in servant/bodyguard. When Ted was being pursued by the Imperial Guards, Pahn told the Imperial Guards where Ted was in fear that the incident would cause trouble to the McDohl's in Teo's absence. Since then he continued to work for the Empire, but when Kraze abducted Lepant's wife, Eileen, he turned against Kraze. Later on when Teo McDohl attacked Toran Castle and defeated the Liberation Army, Pahn bought some time by dueling with Teo. After the Gate Rune Wars, he traveled elsewhere to perfect himself, but he returned a few years later when he ran out of money. - Blue Moon