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Star: Tenmou

Origin: Unknown

Events: Events of Tierkreis


Born: N/A

Death: N/A

An Auster Folk general, Vaslof is a loyal Order soldier. The Auster Folk’s philosophy of “the world is as it should be” closely mirrored the philosophy of the Order, so the Auster Folk became their allies.

Vaslof has a high sense of honor and justice, and bullies even his ally Conon when he picks on the Hero, considering him a thug. But Vaslof quickly shows up again at Ladzaa Fortress, easily dispatching the Mage Forces, with the Hero barely able to scratch him. Vaslof is soon defeated by clever strategy, and he retreats back to Order territory.

Vaslof is not seen again until Fort Arc, where the sand creatures start attacking indiscriminately. Vaslof fends off the creatures and helps the Hero escape. After they are safe, Vaslof asks the Hero about their first battle. Since the Magedom was obliterated, Vaslof did not remember Ladzaa. The Hero offers Vaslof his Chronicle, and Vaslof remembers. He believes that the Order is to be stopped if they would allow such things to happen, and accompanies the hero to Chief Kashgar in order to get the support of the Auster Folk.

Vaslof is the husband of Resno, and the two met when Vaslof saved Resno from an attack by Magedom soldiers, only to have her save him in the next battle. Both storm Fort Arc, mustering enough brute force to smash the sand creatures.

Vaslof returns to Cynas soon after the One King’s fall, helping to rebuild the once magnificent city. - Matt620