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Star: N/A

Origin: Unknown

Events: Events of Tierkreis


Born: N/A

Death: N/A

Chancellor of the Order of the One True Way, Valfred is the one who started preaching the philosophy of having one world with one future that is predetermined.

About a century prior, Valfred lost his wife and two children when the first world fusion occurred. He was determined to get those happy days back and, with the aid of the Scribes, he found the True Chronicle of the world, granting him knowledge of the past and the ability to predict natural future events like earthquakes, floods, and lightning strikes, as well as an apparent stopping to his aging. He claimed to be using it to prevent loss of life when the inevitable fusions occurred.

But Valfred’s true goal was to summon the One King through a ritual, in order to go to the One King’s world, where the future is the happiest 24 hours of one’s life, recurring for eternity. To summon the One King, one must sacrifice twelve worlds. Four fusions had already occurred by then, so Valfred used the False Chronicles, True Chronicles from other worlds, to rewrite the True Chronicle and make the fusion happen a lot quicker. That way, Valfred could sacrifice all of the necessary worlds before the One King descended on his own world.

Each False Chronicle can only be used once in such a fashion, so Valfred creates a team of archivists, whose task it is to seek new worlds and obtain their Chronicles. To aid them, Valfred bestows on them the Mark of the True Chronicle, which gives them knowledge of the fused worlds as well as strange powers to make them strong enough to deal with any problems.

Valfred has a strong desire to bring other people into the One King’s world with him, as those who do not accept the philosophy of the One King cannot go to his world, and would be destroyed. As such, he creates the Order of the One True Way to espouse this philosophy of predestination.

Although Valfred manages to obtain and use the Chronicles, he starts to lose his grip on his archivists. Fergus and Conon are killed when Chronicles are implanted in their bodies, Diadora’s faith wanes when Valfred causes the Magedom, who was warring against the Order, to be destroyed, Nova defects when Sophia’s life is imperiled, and Sophia herself rejects the philosophy for her father. Valfred manages to make the fusions happen on his own, and gets all 12 fusions to happen, ushering in the One King, and granting him passage to the One King’s domain. There, Valfred lives his happiest day, riding horses and playing with his children, and living with his wife. But the Hero manages to enter the world with the power of the False Chronicles, and slays Valfred. - Matt620