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Star: N/A

Origin: The Tower

Events: None

Position: Squire Class Gunner

Born: IS 439

Death: N/A

Zaj is a squire class gunner of the Howling Voice Guild. He specializes in espionage and torture, and he has been chosen by Talgrund the gunsword as its wielder. He has been involved with many plots, and has his own connections within Harmonia, giving him a certain autonomy within the Howling Voice Guild. Zaj has a personal grudge against Nash Latkje due to a severe wound he suffered during a fight with Nash. Zaj was sent into the Latkje household during a mission, and during that mission he was almost killed by Nash. Zaj is a proud gunner and cannot let the fact that he was almost killed go unavenged. Since then he has been trying to kill Nash indirectly. - Blue Moon