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Star: N/A

Origin: Scarlet Moon


Position: Spy

Born: N/A

Death: IS 299

A spy of the Scarlet Moon Empire, Walter met a demihuman named Yohn who was summoned from the same world as the Giant Tree. The two fell in love and had a son named Kyril, whom they travelled with while they were searching for a way to get Yohn back to her home world. However when Heinz told their superiors about their relationship, he was forced out of the empire. This fact he never told anybody - to his subordinates Andarc, Seneca, and even to his son Kyril, Yohn was simply a travelling companion.

On a mission with Sigurd, whom they met at Middleport, they fought the pirate Hervey, only to be attacked by Steele. They were saved by the pirates Edgar, Brandeau, and Kika, and wished to go later to confront their rival Steele (because he had a rune cannon). However, when fighting the Pirate Steele, Walter tried to get to the Evil Eye on the ship, and was turned into a fishmonster. Now not in control of his body, Walter lunged at Kyril and was slain by Andarc.

When Kyril made his way into the secret hideout of the Patriarchal Faction, Walter was able to beckon his son to follow Yohn into the portal dome created by the Evil Eye. Walter told Kyril the truth about his existence, and asked him to come with into Yohn's world, where Walter planned to travel. he refused, and Walter and Yohn went into her world together alone, at peace. - KoRnholio