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Star: Chihi

Origin: Stormfist

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Innkeeper

Born: IS 430

Death: N/A

A young lady who works at the Stormfist Inn, Marina assists the innkeeper and his wife there by cooking, cleaning, and various other tasks. During the Sacred Games, she allows the Prince to secretly use a room to speak with Shoon, and promises not to tell a soul about the gladiator being there.

She has a romantic attraction to Belcoot, something Sialeeds picks up on immediately. After the fighter passes out from drinking, Marina tucks him in and bids the royal entourage farewell.

Because of this infatuation, she was seen as a target to eliminate Belcoot, both by Gizel and by the patriotic thugs that dislike the thought that Belcoot, a foreigner without a noble backing, would wed Lymsleia. She is abducted by those thugs and Belcoot is told to come to the woods alone. While Sialeeds strategizes a way for them to rescue Marina, she is visited by Dolph, who treated her kindly and gave her the drug Dark Arcanum. She was told it would knock Belcoot out harmlessly, so that he could lose the final and wouldn't be wed.

In the woods, Belcoot and the royal entourage rescue her, and return her to the inn. Marina cooks up a big breakfast for the crew as thanks, giving Belcoot a big hearty meal so he can have energy to fight in the final match. But Marina did slip in the Dark Arcanum, and Belcoot loses.

Marina instantly feels guilty, but she is told, both by Belcoot and the royals, that it wasn't really her fault: Gizel would have another plan sorted out even if that one didn't work.

After the Godwins take over the country, Marina no longer believes it to be safe in Stormfist, so she and Belcoot leave. She looks for work in the other Falenan towns, but she cannot find it. Yashuna Village has a problem with the hot springs, so they aren't hiring newcomers. While there, the Prince meets up with her, and he offers her a job at his castle. She accepts, and runs an inn there.

Marina does not get along well with Hazuki, because Hazuki wants to beat Belcoot in a fighting match.

After the war, Marina works hard at the inn so she can take it over one day, and starts becoming more direct in her feelings with Belcoot, who has become a sword instructor. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden V

How to Recruit: After the restoration of Lordlake, talk to Belcoot in Yashuna Village. Afterwards, go inside the inn and offer Marina a job.