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Star: N/A

Origin: Razril

Events: Island Liberation War

Position: Knight Commander

Born: IS 249

Death: IS 302

A former Commander of the Gaien Marine Knights, who about ten years before the events of the Island Liberation War engaged and lost in a major naval battle against the Kooluk Empire's newest young commander Troy. After his defeat, Glen returned to the Gaien Marine Knight Academy to continue training the young knights to strive to be greater than Troy. After sending two of his most recent graduates, Snowe and Lazlo, on simple escort mission, they were attack by Pirates. Glen showed up and rescued them, but unfortunately became the next bearer of the Rune of Punishment after its former pirate bearer died using it. After a surprise attack by other pirates for their lost in the former battle against the Gaien Knights, Glen was forced to use the parasitical True Rune's power to destroy the pirates' ships at the cost of his life.

After, the Rune of Punishment passed to Lazlo, who was blamed and exiled for Glen's death, Glen is last seen in the memories of the Rune where Lazlo defeats his soul in battle, thus freeing it from the Rune. His final words to Lazlo were "you're much stronger than I remembered". - Suiko2fan2