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Star: N/A

Origin: Middleport

Events: Island Liberation War

Position: Lord

Born: IS 247

Death: N/A

Schtolteheim Reinbach II is the shady merchant who rules the trading center of Middleport with an iron fist. He is highly secretive, and will stop at nothing to protect his trade - even violence. While other islands would refuse to trade with Kooluk, Middleport under his reign would trade weapons (including rune cannons) freely with the Kooluk, often contributing to the destruction of other islands and fleets.

Lord Reinbach used to have Sigurd under his employ, in a scheme to 'eliminate' anybody who he deemed supicious. He would wait for the people in question to leave Middleport, only to have the ship ambushed by the 'pirate' Sigurd. So paranoid he is, that when Sigurd left the fleet, he sent people after him, including Keen.

Schtolteheim has a son, who is about the polar opposite of himself, and gives the ruling family of Middleport a friendly face, who is well-loved by the people.

Nonetheless, after all his shady dealings are said and done, his business sense has kept the island of Middleport an important trade center, always thriving, successful, and independent, something which can not be said of other islands. - KoRnholio