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Star: N/A

Origin: Scarlet Moon

Events: Fall of Kooluk

Position: Spy

Born: N/A

Death: N/A

Andarc is a magician, writer, and National Academy cadet, working for the Scarlet Moon Empire, who along with Seneca, served under the spy Walter, on his mission to investigate and retrieve rune cannons from the Island Nations and the Kooluk Empire.

Andarc travelled with Walter, his son Kyril, Seneca, and Yohn throughout the Island Nations, until Walter was turned into a fishmonster on the Pirate Steele's ship, whom they were pursuing for his rune cannon. The fishmonster Walter attacked Kyril, and Andarc was forced to slay him.

The group, now missing their leader, took a break for Kyril to recover from the injuries sustained during the battle, and Andarc took over Walter's role as trainer of the young boy.

Several years later, Andarc, along with the rest of the group, continued Walter's work of searching for rune cannons, even though the reasons for his obsession with them was still unknown. Andarc continued as mentor to the now grown Kyril, and stayed with the group all the way till the final defeat of Iskas, and the dissolution of the Kooluk Empire.

A quiet, introspective man, Andarc was known to keep a journal of all his thoughts, and kept it closely guarded. While maintaining a very close relationship with Seneca, she always teases him for his shyness and journal-keeping. Together, they acted as a surrogate family to Kyril, who did not know the identity of his mother while growing up.

Andarc also returned with Kyril and Seneca to the Scarlet Moon Empire, where they lived a quiet life. Here, Andarc was able to formalize his thoughts, and used his notes from their adventures to chronicle the fall of Kooluk in a book. - KoRnholio (article), Basel (image)

Gameplay Information for Suikoden Tactics

How to Recruit: Andarc is with you from the beginning of the game.

Weapon LVL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Weapon Strength 12 22 30 45 58 72 86 100
Weapon NameBlade RodAxe RodHalberd Rod