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Star: N/A

Origin: Kooluk

Events: Fall of Kooluk

Position: Commander

Born: IS 280

Death: N/A

Busk is the youngest son in the Imperial family, and rather stubborn, like his older brother Martin. He is assigned the double duty of commanding the garrisons at Fort El-Eal and Merseto (not to mention supervising the rebuilding of the former), and often feels overstretched.

He doesn't trust the Patriarchal Faction from the start, but nonetheless is fooled by their leader, Iskas, regarding the 'kidnapping' of his niece Corselia. Thus whenever he sees Kyril with Corselia, he fulfills his duty and attacks, but is always repelled.

When Iskas' coup finally comes to fruition, Busk is forced to join Kyril's party along with his sister, and travels with them in search of Iskas. He still needs to be reassured by Ornela that they should keep fighting alongside their 'enemies', although he admits the he, too, feels that they were trustworthy people to begin with. - KoRnholio

Gameplay Information for Suikoden Tactics

How to Recruit: Busk joins automatically after Chapter 18.

Weapon LVL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Weapon Strength 16 28 42 56 72 88 106 127
Weapon Name?Golden SpearCrystal Spear