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Star: Chizen

Origin: Unknown

Events: Island Liberation War

Position: Inventor of Rune Cannons

Born: IS 239

Death: IS 307

Warlock is a sorcerer who invented the rune cannon, in a process shrouded in mystery to all but a select few (curious sorcerers who came after him, like Simeon), as he kept their design and all aspects regarding their creation a secret.

What he did was summon a large amount of things from the World of Emptiness, most notably the Giant Tree, and the Eye Fish. The seeds from the Giant Tree became the ammunition these rune cannons, and the eyes of the eye fish became an important component of the muzzle. The weapon proved effective, and he sold the Giant Tree and all the ammunition he had with great ease.

There was another design component of rune cannons that Warlock knew about but didn't care to disclose - likely an unintended side effect that he wanted to hide - the eyes that are in the muzzles have the ability to temporarily create a portal to the World of Emptiness, in which no living creatures from this world can exist, and so are turned irreversibly into fish monsters when the portal subsides. He solved this problem by 'closing' (covering) the eyes, so they would simply act as a cannon, without the unwanted side effect. He told no one about this, and even his closest aides such as Pablo were told to not fiddle with the muzzle. Further than this, he would tell nobody anything about rune cannons, likely in fear that their full functionality would be realized by the wrong people.

Use of the weapons grew, and rune cannons were in great demand among navies, pirates, and arms dealers alike, when the mere presence of a rune cannon was often the single deciding factor in a battle. Wars fought simply over the limited supply of rune cannons. Warlock saw this and grew depressed, ashamed of the destructive power of his invention, which he hadn't dreamed of when making it.

Warlock withdrew to his secluded house in Middleport, and essentially stayed deep in the dungeons below it, until Lazlo ventured into them and found him, seeking his help. Warlock agreed, hoping to help destroy the traces of his creation.

Following the war (and the destruction of the Giant Tree), Warlock once again secluded himself, knowing the backlash that was imminent against him, as the creator of the rune cannons. However, it was not enough, as an angry mob bent on exacting the world's vengeance found him and killed him.

His worst fears would soon be realized, when the 'open-eye' functionality of the cannons was used to its fullest extent by the arms dealer, Iskas, who used it to not only kill many soldiers in his coup d'etat against the Kooluk Imperial Faction, but to assassinate the Crown Prince Martin, and the Emperor Julius himself. However, the remaining rune cannons were soon destroyed by Kyril when he defeated Iskas a short time later. - KoRnholio

Gameplay Information for Suikoden IV

How to Recruit: After liberating Razril, speak with Pablo and then visit the abandoned house in Middleport. Search the opened treasure chest and select "24". Enter the dungeon that opens up and defeat the boss at the end.

Weapon LVL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Weapon Strength 5 10 18 26 38 50 70 80 95 105 120 130 160 170 185 200
Weapon NameDriftwood CaneAged Wood CaneSacred Wood Cane