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Star: Tenan

Origin: Razril

Events: Island Liberation War

Position: Soldier

Born: IS 288

Death: N/A

Lazlo's adoptive brother, Snowe is the son of the Lord of Razril. he trained to be a Knight of [[Gaien]], like his friend, and is friends with the other close-knit group of knights that is Jewel, Keneth, Paula, and Tal. Snowe is often treated favorably because of his father, which upsets Commander Glen very much.

Snowe suffers from both cowardice and rash behavior, which leads him into trouble when the pirate Brandeau attacks. Snowe flees, leaving Lazlo to take command and win a victory. Snowe is jealous, but resolves to try again when the pirate Dario attacks Razril. Snowe's rash behavior leads him to persue the fleeing pirates, but the pirates intend to ambush Snowe's ship. However, Lazlo moves to rescue Snowe, and the pirates flee, unable to fend off two ships. Snowe becomes extremely jealous of his friend. When the pirates attack a second time, Snowe goes to investigate the mysterious light on the roof, despite Katarina's orders not to enter the hall. He finds Commander Glen, who has collasped and is dying from the Rune, and Lazlo, who faints once Commander Glen dies and turns to ash.

Snowe immediately shifts Glen's death onto him in a panic, causing him to be exiled from Razril. Snowe is then instated as Commander, but he quickly forges an alliance with Kooluk so that the people of Razril will not be made into slaves. Snowe sells Razril to the Kooluk, and is given the position of cleansing the ocean of pirates. He finds Kika's gang and prepares to attack, but Lazlo has joined up with her, and easily repels Snowe's attacks. Distraught, Snowe returns to Razril, only to find he is not welcome there.

He is exiled from his own home, and is brought before his friend, who offers Snowe the opportunity to join, but Snowe refuses, and is sent onto the sea much the same Lazlo was. Snowe is rescued and becomes a pirate, eventually gaining command over a ship and attacking Razril, but Lazlo, who has just liberated Razril, is there, and defeats Snowe again. Snowe is again offered the opportunity to be in Lazlo's army, but he refuses a second time, and sets him on the ocean. Snowe is confused. He doesn't understand why people keep abandoning him, while people flock to Lazlo.

Snowe's ship sinks later, and his is left clinging on a piece of driftwood. Lazlo rescues him again, and he offers Snowe again the opportunity to join him. Snowe understands his weakness, and accepts the his offer. Snowe works diligently under his adoptive brother, and begins to relate to him, since Snowe realizes he will never see his father again, just like Lazlo never had a father. - Matt620

Gameplay Information for Suikoden IV

How to Recruit: In order to recruit Snowe, you must do the following after liberating Obel:
1. If you have scene the a cutscene involving Ramada's bird by visiting the ship's deck, DO NOT enter the War Room. Once you trigger the War Room scene, it will be too late to activate (3).
2. Recruit all other 107 Stars of Destiny.
3. Visit Mordo Island and speak with the man who gives trading tips in front of the bathhouse, he should mention seeing a body drifting out in the ocean. Then sail west from Mordo Island until a cutscene activates.
4. Ask Snowe to join. Note that your "forgiveness level" (influenced by your judgements in Confession sessions) may affect the ability to recruit him.

Weapon LVL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Weapon Strength 10 16 27 42 58 86 104 120 136 149 162 192 204 218 230 240
Weapon NameDaddy BladeDaddy BladeSnowe Blade

Gameplay Information for Suikoden Tactics

How to Recruit: Head to Razril and speak with a boy who told you about monsters in the Back Alley. Help Snowe there and he joins.

Note: Lazlo must be recruited.

Weapon LVL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Weapon Strength 14 24 38 50 64 80 100 115
Weapon NameSnowe BladeSnowe BladeSnow Blade