<< Dios Dolph Dominguez Jr. >>

Star: N/A

Origin: Unknown

Events: Sun Rune War

Position: Assassin

Born: IS 430

Death: IS 450

A highly trained Nether Gate assassin, Dolph was known as Michafute during his days as an assassin, and was close to Lyon, who was then known as Mismar.

Dolph was the one who killed Rosalind Godwin, Marscal's wife. But the Godwins took him in after Nether Gate was forcibly disbanded. To repay him, Dolph became the personal Godwin assassin, taking various drugs and compounds to increase his effectiveness.

Unlike Childerich, Dolph keeps himself very clean and immaculately neat, and can be very polite. He was the one who gave Marina Dark Arcanum to use on Belcoot. Dolph seems to have training equivalent to that of Sagiri, his voice does not inflect and his facial features do not change regardless of the situation he is in.

The Prince first meets Dolph when Godwin attacks the Sun Palace. He realizes that the plan to put Dark Arcanum in the banquet food failed because Lyon is the Prince's bodyguard, and knows the drug, and its antidote. He attacks the Prince and Sialeeds, but the Queen's Knight Kyle and a gladiator named Zegai fought them off so the royals can escape.

Dolph leads assassins against Beaver Lodge. Because the beavers live alone and do not help Falena, they are an extraneous part of the country and must be removed. Dolph does expose the superiority complex of the beaver mind: They live alone because they feel as though they do not need humans. It is the exact same way with the Godwins; they will just remove the unnecessary things. However, the Prince rescues the beavers. He fights and defeats Dolph, but Dolph is too tough to kill.

Dolph meets with Sialeeds during the siege of Doraat, and there is where she tells him she will join their side. He plans with her how to keep Lym from reaching her brother during the Queen's Campaign. However, he stabs Lyon during the campaign, delivering her a near-fatal blow. That was not part of the plan, but Dolph responds that injuring someone makes it less likely they will be pursued.

Dolph protects Marscal in the northern mountain ruins. Despite her injuries, Lyon faces him in a duel. She did defeat him, but with his body so altered by the drugs, he was still able to fight her. In the end, the Prince pushed her out of the way of an attack and turned the Dawn Rune on him to defeat him once and for all. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)