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Star: N/A

Origin: Sajah

Events: None

Position: Knight Class Gunner

Born: N/A

Death: N/A

Elza was born in Sajah, but her parents were poor and thus she was sold when she was five years old.

Agents of the Howling Voice Guild spotted her on sale and saw that she had talent, thus she was bought by them. Having entered the HVG, she endured unimaginable training. She was among the only three children who lived to see the "day of adulthood" which happens when HVG members turn 15 years old. The other two were Clive and Kelley. The three of them were best friends, but unlike Elza, Clive and Kelley were born in "The Tower" (HVG) and raised there. She sometimes envied them for not having to remember the warmth of family.

The three got along very well even though death was all around them. Most HVG members tend to go insane or become silent due to the intense and never-ending training. The three of them yet remained good friends, and lovers. However, when it became time for them to take the trial for becoming "Knight Class Gunners," they all passed. This shocked the guild elders, because it was rare for even one gunner to enter the Knight Class/year, and this time there were three, and all of the gunners that passed the trial were apprentices under Master Suaro, who was one of the elders.

The elders, afraid of disrupting the balance of power, appointed Kelley as the Guildmaster. It was custom in the guild to appoint a new Knight Class Gunner as guild master and later accept them into the ranks of the Elders. The Elders chose Kelley because he probably seemed the easiest to manipulate, and indeed he changed. Clive and Elza became increasingly weary of the changes happening to Kelley as he turned into a powermonger.

One day Kelley called Elza to the deepest chambers within the Tower. Elza was taken to the guild's holy of holies. There Kelley told Elza to hold a long barreled "gun" (Sturm) and pull the trigger. Elza did this with no trouble, and Elza recalls the sad face Kelley showed when she did this. A few days later Elza was asked by Kelley for a duel. This was apparently set up by the elders. Although Kelley was the Guild Master, the guild's coveted gun, Sturm, refused him, but allowed Elza to hold it. Thus, the two had to fight a duel. Mond and Stern were brought forth, and Kelley chose Mond and Elza chose Stern. After the ritual prayers of dueling were said by both of them, shots were exchanged... or actually only Elza's gun was fired. Kelley's gun, Mond was loaded with blanks. Elza immediately rushed to Kelley. He said, "I loved you and Clive from the bottom of my heart." and died. Elza took both guns and escaped because she figured out what the Elders were up to. They were planning to blame her for tampering with Mond and "purge" her.

As she ran away, she realized that all doors were unlocked, even the main gate from the tower was opened. Apparently Kelley ordered his men to keep the doors unlocked. "He knew what was going to happen." Elza says. Since then, Elza has been running away, but she lives in comfort knowing that Clive will always be a certainty in her life. He will someday end her life for her, she says. In fact, that became a reality during the Dunan Unification War. Clive joined the Allied Forces and was able to trace Elza with the help of Riou. In the end, Elza chooses to use Mond in the duel, and the rest is history. - Blue Moon