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Star: Tenki

Origin: Scarlet Moon

Events: Island Liberation War

Position: Head Tactician

Born: IS 252

Death: N/A

Elenor is a member of the prestigous family well known for their military strategists hailing from the Scarlet Moon Empire. It was here that Elenor was originally a tactician and she was mentor to a young Graham Cray. Elenor was disgraced and banished due to the actions of her subordinate, and she headed to Hermitage Island in the Island Nations where she set up residence. Here Elenor took on a new apprentice, Agnes, who also served as her house keeper.

During the Island Liberation War Lazlo along with Kika's pirates, visited Elenor in an attempt to recruit her for their army. Elenor drugged them and then attempted to discover what they wanted. Seeing Lazlo resist the drug, she promised to help him if he would fetch a greeb bottle and a seal from a cave behind the house. Lazlo soon retrieved the objects and Elenor had little choice but to join the army. She concocted all of their strategies and helped lead them to victory.

During the final battle at Fort El-Eal, Elenor lead a small contingent to disable the rune cannon mounted on the fort. Here she crossed pathes with her old subordinate Graham Cray. He attempted to hit her with a poisonous dart from his metal hand but Ramada took the dart, saving Elenor. The contingent then forced Cray to retreat to the roof where Elenor headed after him alone. Once Cray had been defeated for the last time by Lazlo, she urged him to escape the collapsing fort where she remained. It is believed that Elenor lost her life here, though some consider her Missing in Action. - SnowKing

Gameplay Information for Suikoden IV

How to Recruit: Joins automatically after naming your army and ship.