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Star: N/A

Origin: Island Nations

Events: Falenan Civil War, New Armes Invasion, Sun Rune War

Position: Commander of Queen's Knights

Born: IS 413

Death: IS 449

One of the eight children of Skald Egan, Ferid is a roving warrior who was an unrivaled master of swordsmanship. He traveled away from his home in the Island Nations Federation long before his sister, Bernadette, was born, and she never knew him.

Ferid had come to Falena during the time of Princess Arshtat's Sacred Games. Arshtat was so taken with the warrior that she insisted he be allowed to compete, even though no one had heard of him. Unlike most competitors in the Sacred Games, Ferid fought for himself, rather then as a gladiator for a nobleman. His expert swordsmanship allowed him to defeat all of his competition and win the Games, the first person ever to win who wasn't a Godwin or a Barows. The winner of the Sacred Games became the Commander of the Queen's Knights, and, with someone foreign in such a position, the tense political situation diffused slightly, at least, until Queen Olhazeta's death.

When Arshtat became Queen following the civil war, Armes, the nation to the east, took advantage of the strife and invaded. Ferid fought on the front lines like a common soldier to repel the attack. Along with naval commander Admiral Raja, dragon horse cavalry leader Craig Laden, and the strategist Lucretia Merces, Ferid was able to ensure such a victory in the trenches, that Arshtat was able to end the war diplomatically with favorable terms for Falena. Following the war, Arshtat and Ferid combined forces to dismantle Nether Gate, the royal assassin squad, and make conditions better for the gladiators of Stormfist, making it illegal to mistreat them.

Ferid had met Georg Prime during his travels northward, and was able to vouch for his credibility and allow the soldier to become a Queen's Knight. The two men are the best of friends.

Ferid's marriage to Arshtat beget two children, a thing Georg found difficult to imagine. Ferid' first child, the Prince of Falena, grew into a strong, tough boy, and it always brought Ferid joy to see his son win in fighting duels, regardless of whether or not there was a prize involved. His second child, Lymsleia, was a sweet and respectful girl, and Ferid enjoyed having her around, except when she screamed.

Although Ferid had no more children, he did adopt one more. He met a Nether Gate child assassin named Mismar and took her away from the harsh life. He gave her a new name, Lyon, and raised her as his own, training her to become a Queen's Knight and giving her the position of his son's bodyguard.

After Arshtat bore the Sun Rune, Ferid became even closer to his wife, as the sound of his voice could draw her out of the mania the Sun Rune caused. Both Ferid and his wife wanted to get rid of the Sun Rune, but couldn't, because then the Godwins would take over the country and ruin it, and if they ever figured out how to make the Sun Rune work, then more then just Falena would suffer.

With the Godwin and Barows clamoring for power, Ferid's position on the attitudes of the Queen's Knights is quite idealistic. Many people believe true loyalty is blind loyalty to the monarch, but Ferid believes true loyalty is standing up for what is right. He allows knights like Alenia, a militant Godwin supporter, to keep their views and be able to express their views openly in the Queen's Knights Chambers. The Knights are also allowed to tell Ferid any constructive advice they wish to say and he can pass it onto the Queen for them. Finally, the Knights are also free to discuss their views with the Prince and Lyon, because they are young and should know the wisdom of the Knights.

Ferid travels to Stormfist to open the ceremonies for the Sacred Games. Although he suspects a Godwin scheme during the ceremony, and cannot move by himself, he certainly does not sit around and do nothing. He has the Prince and Sialeeds go keep an eye on Belcoot, one of the champions, and takes custody of Zegai, a gladiator falsely accused of being an Armes assassin, to prevent the Godwins from executing him. However, he cannot prevent Childerich, Gizel's champion, from winning the Games.

While the Prince, Lym, and Sialeeds are doing Lym's pre-engagement duties, Ferid is planning with Arshtat to counterattack the Godwins. He brings Dr. Murad from Stormfist to create an antidote to the Nether Gate drug Dark Arcanum, which was used against Belcoot in the Sacred Games. As a fail-safe to prevent the worst-case scenario, he brings Georg into the guards room one night, and tells him, if worse comes to worse, he must kill Arshtat. Georg must be ready to do it if Ferid cannot.

When Lym's engagement banquet comes, Ferid speaks with Gizel and acts very nonchalant, as if he isn't aware that Gizel is plotting against him. While watching him, Sialeeds mentions to the Prince and Lyon that one day, they must act as cool and calm as Ferid does.

After the banquet, Gizel strikes, but Ferid is ready for him. Because the family and royal guards had taken the antidote to Dark Arcanum before eating the food, they were not affected by the drug as Gizel thought they would. When Gizel sends assassins after the Queen, Ferid, along with Georg and Galleon, prepare to make their stand right in front of Arshtat, seated on her throne. Although many of their troops are killed, Ferid expertly slays assassin after assassin, telling all those present not to be afraid: Nether Gate is strong, but their troops are still only human.

Ferid is doing well until Arshtat uses the Sun Rune to take out a sniper targeting him. The Rune causes her to go into mania, and when Ferid tries to pull her out of it, he cannot, and the Rune zaps and disintegrates him.

The Prince sees Ferid in a memory of the Sun Rune. Together with Arshtat, he congratulates his son wordlessly. - Matt620 (article), Basel (image)